Does Site Speed Affect SEO?

Guest post by Annette Hazard

When Google recently announced that they would be using speed of loading time on a website as a contributing factor in determining ranking, many website owners panicked. They worried that their websites were literally not up to speed, and they wondered what this meant for them in terms of maintaining those precious ranking spots. As it turns out there is no need to panic (the speed factor is a minor consideration from Google), however there may be some need to look more closely at how speed could be having an indirect impact on results.


Indirect Impacts

The speed of a website is an important factor no matter what Google says about how they rank pages. Visitors to websites are clearly more pleased with a website that runs quickly and effectively. This enables them to get to the information they seek sooner, and that in turn makes them want to return to the website in the future. A website without fast speeds and important information is a website that is doomed to be abandoned by visitors. Therefore, all blog owners should be working to get their sites up to the speeds that customers would find to be acceptable.

Site Speed Can Be Costly

Depending on what is done to boost the speed of a website, it can be costly. Not costly so much in terms of actual dollars, but costly in terms of what material has to be taken off of the website to make room for the new material.

It is not always easy to remove some bit of media that may be very important to the overall feel of the website. Although not easy, it is something that has to be done sometimes. If removing a piece of media material will boost the speed of the site, then this is something that perhaps should be done in the name of increasing speed. Remember though, media on the website is also a factor in determining page rank.

Keep an Eye on Google

Google and other search engines are commonly changing their formula for how they rank a website. It is vital for all blog owners to keep an eye on the changes that come down the pipe with this. There may be some very important ones that could impact the future of your website. If you are keeping up with it, you will be the first to know and to make the changes accordingly.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that is currently promoting local search marketing.


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