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Have you ever wanted something really badly, thought about it all the time, and then found that when you finally achieved it, it wasn’t what you thought? Perhaps you’ve longed after a relationship with someone you’ve yearned for from afar, but found that they aren’t quite who they seemed? Maybe you were super hungry and craving a burger, but found afterwards that it just made you feel bloated and guilty? Well I have bad news for all you bloggers out there: web success is no different.

Don’t get me wrong: being successful online and running a well-respected blog or selling a popular app is a great feeling. You get a sense of accomplishment, you make more money of course which you can then spend on treats for yourself/making life easier and you get to work for yourself and become your own boss. But unfortunately there are lots of downsides too, and if you don’t think about these going in they can hit you hard. How can being a success online possibly have any negatives? Read on to find out, and to make sure that you don’t have unrealistic expectations for what success will bring…


The first thing you’ll feel when you find success is excitement. I had this feeling once when I released a popular app. I was checking the sales on my phone every day, and then suddenly I noticed that they started to go up. I mean, really up. I was at a houseparty at the time in fact and suddenly became very unsociable as I excitedly started checking my sales every two minutes. That was a great feeling and a moment I’ll never forget.

But then over the next few days I found excitement wasn’t the only thing I felt: I was also incredibly stressed and panicked – so much so that I couldn’t sleep. I’d wanted this for so long and now it was finally here; what if it didn’t last? What if a bad review caused me to lose all my sales? What if people hated it and started demanding their money back? Any piece of bad feedback was cause for serious panic and I found it took a long time before I could accept this as the new status quo.


Then there’s the increased work that comes from success. You think that being a success will mean that you can just relax and let the money pour in, but on the contrary you will find that you’d filled with a sudden and all-encompassing urge to work harder and make sure that your string of success continues. And with more customers/visitors, you will have more people to cater for and more e-mails to answer. If you have a successful website, then you will need to keep posting to make sure that people keep coming back, you’ll need to fix any errors immediately, and you’ll need to answer a whole lot of e-mails from your droves of readers.

Becoming a Target

And some of these e-mails won’t be nice. Sure, you’ll have your fans and getting good reviews and comments is something that everyone can enjoy to begin with. At the same time though, you will find that you also start to get negative comments from people who feel your offering isn’t all that, or just from people who are jealous and bitter. It can be quite a crushing blow for instance when you discover people talking about your website on a forum and saying that it’s no good – but it will happen, even if your site is perfectly fantastic. Of course, success also makes you a target in other ways – you can end up being targeted by ‘negative SEO’ for instance, or find that you get bad reviews from competitors trying to damage your reputation for their own gain. This can be a constant battle and of course it’s not particularly enjoyable.

What Now?

Then there’s the other small problem… where do you go from here? When you’ve been working towards a singular goal for so long, it can actually be a strange feeling to have that taken away from you. While you’ll be pleased to have reached your destination, it can leave you directionless going forward and oddly empty as a result. Here’s an article on dealing with success. Then it’s time to create some new goals…

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The writer of this article, Tom Scofield, is a website designer and he works for one of the successful web builders in CT. During his time off from work, he likes to unwind and play baseball or indulge in painting.

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