It Can Be Hard To Find Peace When You’re Writing – Here’s How To Focus!

Guest post from Jenny Wadlow

Writing is the sort of task that requires complete silence, in an environment where you can’t be interrupted or distracted. Whether you are writing a book, a thesis, an essay, an important email or even just a shopping list, you need to concentrate; otherwise what you write will be disjointed and hard to read. If you’ve got a big writing job to do, then prepare yourself first. Here are some great tips for minimising distraction and creating a space for you to focus on the job in hand:

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Before you even start writing, clear the decks. By this, we mean shift all those emails that are hanging over your head, carry out any household tasks that need doing and get all your chores done. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be when your mind is free of everyday worries. So even if it takes a little time to get organised, do it first so that you can concentrate properly on what you need to write. Make sure your desk is organised and turn your phone on silent so that when you sit down to work, you are totally focused.

Take Away Distractions

Unfortunately most people write on a computer, which is also a great place for distraction! Online social networking sites such as Facebook can really stop your flow. Make sure all your notifications are turned off and don’t allow yourself to be tempted into online banter! Keep off the pages that will distract you altogether, and shut down your email program too. You will work far better if you are not distracted, and all those messages will still be there when you’re done. Some people turn off their internet connection altogether, although if you need to carry out online research then this won’t work for you.

Shut out Noise

Noise-cancelling headphones are a great idea for those that find it impossible to shut out distracting background noise. It’s very hard to work if traffic is buzzing outside your window, kids are shouting and screaming or your neighbours are playing loud music. You’ll never get them all to shut up, so instead invest in a pair of quality headphones which block out almost all the noise. If you prefer to work with music playing, then you can listen to your music of choice through them too, though avoid music with lyrics in them – this can be distracting. Instead, choose classical instrumental music that will serve as a beautiful backing track to your work.

Set Your Goals

You need to stay on task, so make sure you set yourself achievable goals. You will feel much better about your progress if you can reward yourself along the way.

Getting down to work takes a lot of motivation and it’s too easy to put it off. Make life easier for yourself by eliminating all distractions and you will find that you are far more productive, and your work will be finished to a high quality far sooner than you’d have thought.

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