Four WordPress Plugins You Need To Install Right Now

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The best thing about WordPress is that there are so many plugins to choose from. Out of the box, WordPress is a perfectly serviceable blogging platform, but with a few plugins you can turn it into an online newspaper, a simple store, or even a membership site. The difficulty is deciding which plugins to install.


Here is a quick look at some of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers:

1.WP Auto-Affiliate Links

This handy plugin allows you to define certain keywords and have WordPress automatically convert those words to affiliate links whenever you use them in a post. This plugin makes monetizing your blog simple, and is incredibly useful for anyone who wants to promote several different products on their blog. Instead of having to hunt for the right affiliate link every time you post, let WordPress handle the hard work for you.

2. Pretty Links

Affiliate links are ugly and obvious, and many web users strip affiliate I.D.s out of links before visiting them so that they can prevent the affiliate from getting commission. There’s no way to stop a determined commission thief, but using the Pretty Links plugin will stop a lot of people. Clean, readable links are more likely to get clicked, too. Use the Pretty Links plugin to improve your conversion rates, and reduce the likelihood of visitors realising that they’re being directed to an affiliate link.

3. WordPress Re-CAPTCHA

If you accept user registrations, comments or email form submissions on your website then the Re-CAPTCHA plugin is an essential one. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Yes, the acronym is a little convoluted, but the plugin is incredibly useful. Re-CAPTCHA gives you access to a huge library of free, secure CAPTCHA tests which you can embed on your blog to prevent comment spam, email form spam and bot registrations.

Re-CAPTCHA is used by a huge range of websites, including Facebook and Twitter. Your visitors already recognize and trust the Re-CAPTCHA logo, so your users will feel comfortable seeing it on your blog.

4. All In One SEO Pack

The All In One SEO Pack is a simple but effective SEO plugin which makes it easy to add meta titles, descriptions and keywords to all of your posts. No matter what sort of WordPress-powered website you plan on running, this is a must-have plugin which will make your WordPress installation much more user-friendly.

You do have to add unique content to each page by hand, but updating a couple of extra fields to fill out the All in One SEO Pack form correctly will soon become second nature.

Be selective about the plugins that you use. Installing a large number of plugins is likely to slow down your site. In addition, if you have a lot of plugins installed, it is harder to troubleshoot problems. If a WordPress update breaks one of your plugins, then you will find it much easier to identify the problem if you have only a handful of plugins installed.

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