How Clients Benefit From Hiring Telecommuters

Most writers love the flexibility of working from home, but there are still some clients that feel uncomfortable about it. Clients actually benefit from telecommuting in many ways, especially when they hire freelancers.

No Dedicated Office Space Needed

It makes no sense to have computer and office space set aside for freelancers who work at your office occasionally. When the freelance isn’t there, it’s a waste of money and the cubicle may sit empty.

No Traveling Costs

Many freelancers charge their clients for travel. I do, especially when their office is far away and driving there cuts into my productivity. Allowing freelancers to work from their home office eliminates that.


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Clients Don’t Need to Be Open in Order for Their Projects to Get Done

As a client, you might want a last-minute or weekend project completed. Are you going to open the office so the freelancer can work? How about just letting them get their work done at home while you close up shop on time?


No Interference From Your Own Staff

Depending on the project you have, hiring a freelancer can get tricky in terms of your own staff. Perhaps you’re hiring for an overload of work, and some of your staff resent it. Or maybe you’re hiring a freelancer because you don’t think you have any qualified people to do the work. This can create tension in your office. With a telecommute arrangement you can keep the details to yourself.

Freelancers With the Right Expertise

You can hire a writer from anywhere when you work with them virtually. That means you can hire the very best freelancer for your niche or product area. Not all freelancers in your area are going to be qualified for what you need, but when you open up your hiring area to the entire country, you’ll find someone with the perfect background and experience you need.

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