How to Legally Register Your Trademark

To begin registration of your trademark, designate whether your trademark is in standard character format (numbers, words or letters in any combination that does not exhbit a particular color, font style or size) or stylized format. Trademarks can also be comprised of a unique sound that distinguishes something from other services or goods.

Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office website (USPTO) to determine if your trademark has already been registered. Then, state on your application if you have already used the trademark commercially (“used in commerce”) or if the trademark has yet to be implemented (“intent to use”).

File your application at www. Payment of fees is expected at the time of applying for a trademark. Costs depend on how many characters were needed to create your trademark, how many classes your trademark represents and number of forms your trademark will be using.

Registering a trademark ensures that you are the only one who can legally use a trademark to advertise and sell a product or service exclusive to your company. Since branding is vital to the success of a company, registering any and all trademarks reinforces the viability of your company in the highly competitive world of retail and services.

For more information on how to register your trademark and protect your brand check out the infographic below. Click here to embed this graphic on your own site.


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