How Real Bloggers Make Real Money

You hear it all the time, that there is money to be made with blogging. Well, what kind of money? And what types of income sources are they talking about?

I know that from own experience, blogging has been very good to me. What started out as a way just to get the word out about my books grew into a full-time income. But it didn’t happen overnight. I worked part-time for a while as I built my freelance business. Even now, the majority of my income comes from my work with clients rather than my own blogs. However, I do make enough with my own blogs to keep me going. (Either that or I’m just nuts about blogging. Must be a little of both.)

Here’s what I’ve learned about making money, both from my own experience and from the top bloggers out there.

Google Adsense 

Despite the variety of choices around for ad revenue, Google Adsense is still one of the top ways bloggers make money. The “ProBlogger” Darren Rowse says it’s his top income stream, Bob from the Christian PF blog says it’s his top money-maker (and he’s got some good tips on ad placement), and if you hunt around for some of the top bloggers you’ll find similar claims.

One reason it works is that it gives you ads that your readers are looking for. That’s key with making money. If a reader doesn’t care about something, they aren’t going to click on an ad.


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Affiliates and Ads

Bloggers also use other affiliates (ClickBank, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc.) and private advertising to make money. I do this, too. From my own personal experience, private ads have done much better than other affiliates, especially on blogs like this one which have a targeted readership (in this case, people who write and like to read.)

Other Income

There’s another thing bloggers don’t talk about very often, and that’s indirect income. For example, my blogs help sell my books. That invaluable to me. They also help me get new freelance gigs, and since I already mentioned that clients are my top way of making money, my blogs are a huge part of that.


When you’re blogging, think about the other ways your blog can work for you. Consulting, speaking, online courses, and more can all help out. (Jeff Bullas has some good ideas on the different ways to make money and so does Darren Rowse.)

Best Advice

The best advice on how to make money is from Copyblogger: “If you want to make money in the real world, solve real problems.”

Every once in a while I’ll hear about people wondering about the success of CakeWrecks or Awkward Family Photos. Those blogs make lots of money and people wonder why. It’s because both of them solve a problem: the need for entertainment. People love to click over and get a giggle as a break in their day. Even something like a humor blog can solve a problem.

This “solve a problem” mantra also helps you focus on your reader. That alone will help you make money.

Do you make money from blogging? What kind of tips do you have for other bloggers?

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