Perseverance Is Vital For All Freelancers

There are times when working as a freelancer can be the most exciting adventure you could possibly ever imagine, but the harsh reality is that occasions such as this are few and far between. Many people who work for themselves are all too aware of the days and weeks when virtually no work comes through the inbox, and it’s during these dark periods that the individual struggles to remain focused and, most important of all, motivated.

Any freelancer who is able to work from home will know it can be something of a double-edged sword. It’s obviously convenient to be based within the home environment and therefore to avoid the commute, but it can also lead to feelings of isolation in the short term and a sense of despair when the work starts to dry up over the long term. Managing the mood swings is just as important as managing the workload.

A freelancer who provides services to a number of clients needs to be aware of the most important principle of the job: clients will come and go, so there’s ALWAYS a need to look for new businesses to work for. The best analogy would be to think of the process as a pipeline, and if new projects stop going in at one end completed tasks will eventually dry up at the other. Therefore, there’s no time to rest on your laurels in the freelance world.


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When the levels of available work begin to dry up, a significant proportion of freelancers start to look for permanent jobs, feeling that they have no alternative but to rejoin the dreaded rat race. This shouldn’t always be a first option, however, because there could be new clients waiting for them just around the corner. As always, the secret is to make sure every possibility is exhausted before taking such a negative, final step.

Giving up should only be a last possible option

If you are a freelancer who is currently struggling to find new clients, the worst thing to do is simply give up. Keep trying because you never know when the next one will be found. In many examples, it’s simply a case of being in the right place at the right time, but if you’re not putting your hat in the ring the chances of being in a position to be hired will always diminish dramatically.

Searching for clients can become a little disheartening, so make sure you break up the monotony with a little enjoyment. If you’re hoping to book a holiday in the coming months, why not check out the vehicle rental deals at 121 Car Hire or perhaps see if you can find cheaper flights? Thinking about vacation time can be a good way to put the stresses and strains of working life into some sort of perspective.

It’s a good idea to create an email detailing your experience and skill-set, in order to send it to prospective clients. Remember, this email is effectively your shop window, so never forget you are trying to sell yourself. Make it friendly and personable as well, and be sure to send it to as many suitable addresses as you can. You never know, the mail may come into someone’s inbox just at the moment when he or she is thinking about finding a freelancer.

If all else fails, there’s always the rat race waiting to welcome you back, of course, but it makes sense to exhaust every other possibility before that stage. If at first you don’t succeed, as the saying goes, try, try and try again!

Tom Hayward is from the UK and is a dedicated and determined freelancer.

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  1. I’m so there, in the doldrums, right now with my freelance editing business. Beginning to form a marketing strategy to help pick that up!


    Cherie Reply:

    Freelancing is full of ups and downs, but hang in there.


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