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Writing comments on a blog is perhaps one of the best ways to increase the popularity of and direct more relevant web traffic to your website or blog. Blog commenting provides very effective search engine optimization benefits to both the owner of the blog and the blog commenter. For a blog owner, having so many and frequent comments facilitate and creates a fresh new content for the visitors of the blog. It is this new content that provides search engines, such as Google, a reason to visit more frequently.

On the other hand, for a blog commenter also there are many benefits. When you provide meaningful, relevant and intelligent comments on any website or blog, it will help you in attracting the attention of your target audience or that of the people belonging to a similar niche towards your own website and blog, thereby helping in increasing it exposure and visibility. It will improve your SEO by providing you with quality back-links. It has been noticed over time that there are three common mistakes people commit while blog commenting. These have been discussed as follows:


How to (Really) Make Money Blogging


by Expert Blogger Cherie Burbach



  • The most common mistake in blog commenting is not having a picture along with your comment.  It is really easy to setup a gravitar. If you are the blog owner, remember it is your blog and you need to be visible. So every time you are replying to someone’s comment, they should get to see your picture. If you are the blog commenter, then remember you are aiming to increase your visibility over internet. Having your picture will help you to be seen by other visitors as an authority in your forte. To avoid this mistake, have a picture of your’s that follows you around the web.
  • Another common mistake committed by blog commenter is adding non-relevant, unintelligent comments. As a blog owner, you have to beware of the spammers who tend to leave gibberish comments routinely. The sole motive of these spammers is to make use of your blog to market their own services and products. If you are a blog commenter, it is recommended not to comment randomly on any website. The posts, blogs or websites that are not related to your forte can have adverse negative consequences on your SEO. Leave or approve comments on those websites only that are relevant to your forte.
  • Not making use of blog commenting plugins in a strategic manner is another common mistake. If as a blog owner, you are using third party tools for commenting feature, it will not bring in fresh content to your blog for search engines. Though these tools make commenting quite interactive and increase your visibility, they will not influence your SEO. If you are a blog commenter and aiming to get back-links, then you will not be able to derive SEO benefit if the WordPress blog comments are by default set to ‘No Follow’. To avoid this mistake, follow your blog commenting strategy and also evaluate the merits and demerits of leaving commenting with WordPress plugins.

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