When You’re Sick of Your Blog

As someone that blogs a lot (for myself and for clients) I can understand the concept of blogging burnout. While blogging has some pretty cool benefits (the means to express yourself, a side income, the chance to make money for clients) there can also be times when you are just sick of even looking at your own blog.

If you’re there right now, here are some things to try:

Take a Break From It

I know the conventional wisdom is that you should blog regularly and never take a break. Or, that you should announce you’re taking a break, prepare for that break with guest posts, and then come back exactly when you said you would.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into account those times when you’re sick to death of your blog. When you’re at that point, step back. Call it a break or call it blog preservation, but mentally and physically take a break.

I’ve done that here with this blog. After five years and daily posts, I got burned out on this blog at one point. Really burned out. I took a break for a few months, and when I did I had a new appreciation for this blog all over again.

Change the Template

You know how a new haircut can totally change your perspective? A new template can do that for your blog. A new template can help you clean up code and give your blog a completely fresh look. This alone can motivate you to keep it up.

Re-Evaluate Your Reasons for Blogging

If your passion for blogging has changed, maybe your reasons for blogging have changed also. If you were once the expert in X but aren’t anymore, naturally you’re not going to want to blog about it. This doesn’t mean you need to stop, but maybe you need to change your approach. Perhaps you’ll now except guest posts and get another perspective, or change the type of posts you write. Take a step back and read through your old posts as you figure out where you stand with the topic now.

Surf With the Sole Purpose of Getting Inspiration

Nothing inspires like other bloggers. The blogging world changes quickly, so see what else is happening in the blogosphere and it may inspire you to change some things on your own site.

Have you ever been sick of blogging? How did you get yourself out of it?

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1 Comment on "When You’re Sick of Your Blog"

  1. I am currently on a blog-cation so I truly do understand. I was going to return this month but I think I’ll return in September. I’ll just let my people know. In the meantime, I am writing articles to schedule so I won’t have to work so hard upon my return.


    Cherie Reply:

    I love the term “blog-cation”, Marcie! I think taking a step back is healthy, and you’re smart to do a few articles now so you won’t feel overwhelmed when you get back.


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