What To Do After Your Guest Post Is Published

Guest posting is a great way to earn quality inbound links to your site, but what should you do once your article is published? In this article I will go through all the points required from you to promote your guest post to gain maximum exposure and create the strongest possible backlink for your site.

Why Should I Guest Post?

Guesting blogging is one of the best ways to generate a high quality backlink from a trustworthy website. There are many websites around that accept guest posts and sourcing a reliable site is key. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a guest blog website.

What Should I Do Once My Article Is Published?

The most important factor to remember when guest blogging is to treat the web page your article is on in the same way as your own website. You should always treat the web page your article is published on as an extension of your own website. This URL contains your content, your brand and name, and your backlink. It is your duty to promote this page as much as possible. The more exposure your guest post receives will results in more social shares, more comments, higher search engine positioning, resulting in a stronger backlink to increase your own websites rankings.

Share Your Article

The owner of the website that published your article will promote your content across their social networks and its important you do the same. Share, Like, Tweet and Plus One your article to drive your followers to read your post. You want your followers to share your guest post to increase exposure. Social signals play a huge role in Internet marketing today to increase search engine rankings, so its important you let as many people as possible know about your guest post.

There is a great website called Viral Content Buzz, which allows you to post your article within their system for other Twitter and Facebook users to share across their platforms. This will increase your social signals literally over night for your post.

Link In Future Articles

When you write future articles for guest blogs, you should include an external link to your first guest post. This will give your guest post a higher authority and help increase the rankings on Google for your article. I would only suggest linking to your older blog posts every 5 articles your write. This means on the fifth article you write for guest blogging, your should link out to a previous article which is relevant to the subject your are writing about.

Link In Future Articles

If you link every single article you write together, Google will eventually pick up on unnatural link practices and potentially damage all the hard work you have done on all your articles. Always work off a 5:1 ratio.

Never Forget Your Old Articles!

You should never forget any of the articles you written! It is your responsibility to ensure your articles are still being viewed, read, shared and found on Google. I would suggest every 6 months, follow all the points I mentioned under the ‘Share Your Article’ section. This will keep your article alive and people reading.

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This post was by Kev Massey from SixtyMarketing in the UK. I write, share and read all things Internet Marketing and always learning from others.

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