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More and more bloggers are using multimedia to make their blogs more visually attractive.  Multimedia adds an interactive element to the page that keeps readers engaged longer, which usually makes a site more memorable and leads to repeat visits.  Adding a video to your blog also helps you connect with readers on another level. 

People will feel like they are getting to know you better, and seeing your face while you speak, especially your eyes, will make people trust you more.  Videos let you exercise another aspect of your creativity, and can lead to inspiration in your blogging.  Whether the media you choose consists of videos, photos, or podcasts, there should always be corresponding text so that there is something on the page that search engines are able to index.

Having your video or podcast transcribed is not only helpful for search engine optimization, it also appeals to some blog readers who just don’t click on video links.  I, for one, am much more likely to read a blog post than watch a video.  I admit, I’m a bit of a dinosaur, I’ve only ever read one book on an e-reader, and I’m grateful it was a short one because I absolutely prefer paper pages.  I absorb information better when I read it, and I often like to re-read sentences or paragraphs if I didn’t understand the information the first time.  If something about the video annoys me, like a voice or music, I will click away, but if I can simply pause the video and read the transcript, I’m much more likely to stay engaged.

Using a transcription service like www.rev.com allows you to upload your file, have it transcribed, and have the text in your inbox within 48 hours, for only $1 per minute.  It is money well spent if it appeals to even a small number of your readers.


If you don’t have your media transcribed, your readers who are hearing impaired won’t get the message.  You may not even realize that you have hearing impaired readers following your blog until you post a video, and someone comments that they wish they could have read the contents.

For many of your readers, English may not be their first language, in which case it will be much easier for them to understand the written text.  I speak and understand Spanish nearly fluently, but there are many Spanish accents that I don’t get at all.  There have been times when I’ve asked someone to write down the word they are saying because even though they have repeated it 6 times, I still have no idea, but when I see it written I realize it is the pronunciation that was tricking me.

Another access issue is that not everyone has turbo internet, and people who browse on their phones, or in an office, may not be able to put the volume up loud enough to hear it.  Videos are simply not 100% accessible to everyone, all the time.

For Your Own Benefit

Some bloggers say that since they don’t always use a script when they make a video, having a transcript of it allows them to edit and refine the video blog, which may be important down the line if you are planning on putting together an e-book.

This article was written by Lizzie Lau.  Lizzie is a freelance writer who combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles.

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