Do You Follow These 6 Rules Of Guest Blogging?

When it comes to blogging different bloggers and blog owners use various methods of getting more traffic on to their websites. Some prefer to be the only ones who have access to their blogs so that they can keep track of everything and because they do not trust guest bloggers.

However, guest blogging is one of the best ways via which you can increase traffic on your websites and blogs. This is also one of the safe way to create backlinks.

But you need to know these 6 rules of guest blogging before considering going for it:

1. Check out their blogs

You need to know what their blogs are focusing on or talk beforehand so that you know what these guys are all about and whether or not they can contribute to your blog in a beneficial manner.

There’s no point getting a guest blogger on your website if they know nothing about, say, fitness and that is precisely what your blog is about! That would just complicate things and you may actually end up losing traffic and followers rather than gaining more.

2. Build a relationship with your guest bloggers

Some bloggers think they would be able to attract more traffic by spreading another’s website/blog with their own links. This is not the case; readers may get annoyed by the number of links on your blog and that is the last thing you want.

Some readers just happen to look at your blog and skim through it and too many links on the webpage may cost you a few potential followers and viewers. Instead of having someone post their own links on your blog, talk to them and build a relationship with them. Explain what your blog is about to them so that they know what to write and so that they can read your website and blog on it accordingly.

You need for your guest blogger to actually care about your blog so that he/she can make your blog seem like a site worth visiting rather than a tired and boring blog with a half-hearted blog owner posting on it.

3. Be sure to respond to anyone commenting on your blog

Guest bloggers can make a big difference in the traffic and views you attract on a daily basis. Think of these guys are your customers- if you keep them happy and make them feel like their opinion has value and matters, they will keep coming back to help you in the future.

4. Quality, not quantity

Be sure to focus on quality because that is what would attract more followers and viewers. Having many bloggers post on your blog won’t be half as effective as keeping a few bloggers who post something that is worth checking out and of value.

5. Use keywords

Blog posts with content that is keyword rich would make it easier for you to optimize your blog posts and it would be easier to attract more traffic by including keywords. If you don’t want to include keyword rich content you could go for a different approach by being honest about the blog. This keeps things fresh and interesting and this is bound to attract more viewers.

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6. Be patient

So you’re trying a new approach and it’s not working? Give it time! As long as you’re putting in the effort, trying out different things to attract more viewers and are learning, you’re bound to attract get more traffic and guest bloggers.

All in all you want to ensure that your guest bloggers get back something in return to (keep points 2 and 3 in mind). Ensure that whatever you do, you’re scratching the guest blogger’s back so he would want to scratch yours. These tips apply to blog owners and guest bloggers, both.

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2 Comments on "Do You Follow These 6 Rules Of Guest Blogging?"

  1. Yeah, #6 is a big one with guest blogging that is hard to explain to a lot of people who live in a generation of instant gratification. Guest blogging is long-term, therefore it is slow to develop. You may get 20 comments on your post…over 3 years. It’s still 20 comments nonetheless, and it is important to see that. Also, it takes a while to build up the quantity portion if you do it on a quality level. You’re not going to fill your contributions section of your Google+ page up in a few hours. It takes a few months to get an overview of “Wow, my resume is actually growing.” Thanks for these 6 tips!


  2. Patience and Hardwork is key to success in blogging.


    Cherie Reply:

    Very true.


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