Helping a Non-Blogger Learn How to Blog

If you’re a blogger, meaning that you’re someone that writes on a blog for a living or as part of your writing career, consider how you can bring others to the blogging world. While blogging is something anyone can do, there are people who’d like to start a blog but are nervous about doing it. How can you help them?

Help With the Technical Stuff

By far the most common question newbie bloggers have is about the technical aspects of blogging. Be careful when you’re talking to them not to talk over their heads when you start helping them. Be patient and set up the blog while explaining what you’re doing. Don’t just set up a complicated blog without giving the new blogger a thorough step-by-step so they can manage their blog on their own.

Offer Encouragement

Another thing new bloggers might need is some encouragement. Remember when you first started a blog? You were excited and nervous. You hoped people would read your words and then you might have panicked at the thought that someone was going to read your words!

Your blogger friend will need encouragement through every phase of blogging, from setting up the blog to developing their writing voice to promoting their work.

Offer Writing Tips

Be careful when offering writing tips. Remember that the reason blogs are so cool is because they each contain each author’s unique voice. So if you do give tips, don’t criticize someone that “isn’t a professional writer.”

Instead, give them tips on:

  • The best length for blog posts (about 500 words)
  • Focusing their ideas so each blog post contains a single point
  • How to keep coming up with great blog post ideas

Help Them Promote

Give them a jolt of social media and help your friend get their blog off the ground. If you have any pointers on how they can promote on their own, share those as well.

Take Some Photos of Them

Everyone needs a great author photo, so help your new blogger friend by taking a picture they can use on their bio page. Grab a digital camera and take lots and lots of shots. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Take photos in natural light (everyone looks better this way)
  • Take the photo from a higher vantage point looking down at the subject (everyone looks better when they look up)
  • Help them with makeup and/or dress ideas

Watch the Technical Jargon

I have a habit of taking for granted things that are a part of my everyday writing life. Things like SEO, Google Panda, and webcode are regular parts of my work vernacular, but they don’t need to be a part of a newbie or hobby blogger’s learning curve.

Know that your role is to help and encourage other bloggers, so don’t scare them away with the aspects of a professional blogging life. Professional blogging (where you write for a client and get paid for it) is much different than other forms of blogging.

Give Them Tips on Fair Use

If your friend isn’t a professional, they may think swiping pictures or even large chunks of text from other sites is okay. It isn’t. Clue them in to the correct and acceptable terms of usage.

Help With Their Bio

If your friend isn’t a writer by trade, they might struggle with trying to write up a bio. But their experience is just as valuable as anyone else’s, so help them see their strengths. They might need you to point out experience and traits that they don’t recognize.

Be a Blogging Mentor

Help your friend carry out their vision for their blog. Remember, don’t have them make their blog or writing like yours, but allow their unique voice to shine through. Use all that blogging knowledge you have to be a mentor to others who have something to say.

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