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For years I’ve been searching for a specific type of planner. I wanted something more than a calendar, more than a journal… I had to be able to keep track of my appointments but also stay ahead of my goals.

And lately, I’ve been wanting to incorporate gratitude thoughts in with the mix, also. I couldn’t find the exact book I wanted to buy so I created one myself.

creative-planner-ad-bloc-weAbout Gratitude

We’ve heard the adage “attitude of gratitude,” and what it means is that you approach everything in life with a grateful heart. With freelance writing, this is especially important, where disappointments and rejections are a part of the process.

So in creating this planner, I made room for a weekly spot where you can write your thoughts on gratitude. No need to put it in a separate book! It will be right there each week so you can take a proactive approach to gratitude.


I get asked a lot by you guys about how to better achieve your goals. We all have them. The way that I stay ahead of them is by breaking them into manageable chunks. I don’t say to myself I need to finish writing my book but instead say I need to write three chapters this week if I want to finish by the end of the month.

Three chapters is manageable. “Finishing a book” is a big but undefined goal and can’t be reached. Break it down to what you need to do each week, so you can make a dent in your goals. Whatever your goal, think about it realistically and what you can do in chunks. This book allows you to write your weekly goals so you can stay ahead of them.

Or, maybe you have a running goal each week. Something like I need to market myself in three different ways each week. You can keep ahead of this using the planner as well.


I talk a lot on my personal blog about my aunt, who reminds me to use my “creative gifts.” We all have gifts. What are yours?

So often with writers, either you’re thinking about what you’ll write one day or you’re busy as a working writer and not keeping up on the more fun and creative parts of writing. You might think, I’ve been doing nothing all week but if you write down all the little things you do to help out your writing, like:

  • Daydreamed about a new story
  • Observed someone in the waiting room and got an idea for a character
  • Developed an idea for a book
  • Looked at the bookstore for inspiration
  • And on and on….

You’ll see that you are using your creative gifts. Not everything is done by pounding out words on a keyboard.

More About the Creative Planner

I think this planner works out well for creative people because it’s flexible, fun, colorful, has prompts, has white space, and includes a lot of different aspects to your creative life. Best of all, it’s perpetual. You can start or end it at any time.

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