Poll: Do You Believe In Writers Block?

It’s a question I used to ask a lot: Do you believe in writers block? 

Most writers say no. In fact, when I had interviewed 200 writers (three years ago) the general consensus was no. But every once in a while, someone says yes.

So I want to hear from you.


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1 Comment on "Poll: Do You Believe In Writers Block?"

  1. Writer’s block does happen, but in my experience it happens to “pantsers” who create without any sort of outline or synopsis of their novel. They hit a wall and don’t know where to go next, plot-wise.

    I always outline my novels in detail ahead of time, and I counsel the authors I represent to do the same. This way, you never hit that “what next?” wall.

    This is the principle behind my Marshall Plan® novel-writing system.


    Cherie Reply:

    As a “plotter” myself I can’t imagine writer’s block, but I know it happens to people at times. I think you’re right that it might come up a bit more often in “pansters” if they’re unsure where to go next in their story.


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