How to Keep Coming Up With Great Blog Post Ideas

You wouldn’t believe how many blog posts I have to write in a day. Whether it’s for my own blogs or for my clients, I write a lot. Here are some of the things I do to keep coming up with blog post ideas.

Google Alerts

I set up alerts for various things I need to write about (like “friends” for example) and allow Google to deliver the latest news right to my inbox. This helps me get new ideas and also report on some of the latest things happening in my area of expertise.

Read a Lot

Blogs, books, cereal boxes… the more you read the better you will write. When you’re a blogger, you have the advantage of using your own voice so you can take all those quirky or weird reading habits of yours and make them work for you.


How to (Really) Make Money Blogging


by Cherie Burbach



Stumble, Digg, Reddit, Pinterest

Use social networking to browse the web and you’ll have more ideas than you bargained for. Never copy someone’s work or ideas, but use other sites as inspiration for how you can come up with something fabulous all by yourself.

Ask People What They Want to Read About on Your Blog or Twitter

Your blog is a great source of ideas. Use the comments, emails, and complaints you get as inspiration. You can also ask people what they want to read about on your Facebook page or at the end of your posts.

I use Twitter a ton for things like this. I send out a thought that could range from “What did you do this weekend?” to “Who is your favorite writer?” to get ideas on what to post next.

Cluster Post

The very act of blogging can help you generate new ideas. Once you get started, you’ll immediately think of other things to write about. Cluster posting can help with this. It will train your brain to get into write mode quickly so you won’t be sitting there staring at the screen.

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