The Advantages Of A 3D EBook Cover

Authors should consider a 3D eBook cover for promotional use on websites, blogs and social media networks. Compared to flat, two-dimensional images, a 3D cover will bring a higher level of professionalism to any book promotional campaign.

3D eBook images give the product more authenticity and allow readers to see an eBook as a physical, tangible object, which helps with sales.

With the advent of self-publishing, many services are available on the Internet that will allow an author to quickly and easily create or commission a 3D eBook cover.

Creating a Cover from Scratch

Writers can download software for cover creation or they can use an Internet-based service. While the DIY services found on the Internet can be comprehensive, they are not without their drawbacks.

Here are some of the disadvantages:

–       Time Consuming – Most software has a steep learning curve and if design is not a skillset that an author has, then it can take much longer than expected to create a DIY 3D cover solution. Most writers would prefer to be working on reviewing their text or creating their next product and will leave the technical work to editors, graphic designers and layout specialists.

–       Limitations on Free Software – While a number of free, demo or shareware software options exist which allow authors to create a basic 3D image of their eBook, they are far from comprehensive. The feature sets tend to be rather limited and customization can be difficult if an author does not know how to deal with HTML coding and graphic optimization.

–       Expensive Commercial Software – Commercial software solutions for creating a 3D eBook cover also tend to be costly to unlock the full feature sets. Most authors work on a limited budget and have neither the resources to purchase expensive software or the time to deal with the time needed to create a great cover.

–       No Fresh Set of Eyes – It has been shown time and again that the best work is achieved when professionals with different specializations collaborate on a project, rather than one writer trying to do everything themselves. An author should ideally focus on writing content only and allow other professionals to take care of the layout, editing, cover design and other publishing aspects.

Finding a Team of Professionals

In the past, authors needed to ask permission from big publishing houses to get their books on the market. In many cases, authors with good ideas were unable to have their material published because many publishers have a strict set of guidelines as to the content they are willing to publish. Many emerging niches and markets took too long to be recognized. Traditional publishing is a process that takes months or years, while self-publishing can get content onto the market in a matter of weeks.

Additionally, the best products are mostly created by a team of people. Just because an author cannot (or is not even interested) in securing a publishing contract from a big name publisher, does not mean that they are unable to assemble their own virtual publishing team by outsourcing the tasks they have no expertise in.

Creating Value with a Custom Designed 3D eBook Cover

By hiring a professional designer to take care of your 3D book cover needs, an author will be able to save a lot of time that can be spent on other tasks such as reviewing text, researching and writing additional content, or working on upcoming projects. Book cover designers have access to the latest software so an author does not have to purchase and learn how to use the tools themselves. Most eBook designers work at great rates and are able to create a custom cover that will make any book more enticing for the market.

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