Link Prospecting : 5 Tools for an Outreach Blogger

Bloggers are slowly, but surely, becoming the most influential members of any marketing strategy. Their influence is growing significantly, and we can surely say that, today, some bloggers are more influential than celebrities.

This gives bloggers great amounts of power, because, once they become famous, they can utilize the fame to promote certain products and services, which will then earn them large amounts of cash. So, if anyone thought that you cannot go anywhere by being a blogger, I say that they are gravely mistaken.

Now, the question is: “How do I become a successful and influential blogger?” Well, I have to tell you that, today, being a blogger is not just about what you say, but, also, about how many people you have reached with your posts. There are literally millions of bloggers and they all share the same blogosphere. You can utilize this, get networked and reach a lot of people, but you have to know what you are doing. So, without further ado, here are some tools that will help you on your way to becoming an outreach blogger.

Buzzstream Email Research Tool

You will get nowhere in the blogging world if you do not knock at the right doors. Well, as it may happen a lot, you will not know which doors you should at, exactly. Buzzstream Email Research is a blogger tool which helps you knock on the right door, literally. If there is a blog or a website that you want to contact in order to link up with them, network, or whatever else, this tool will find the right info for you. You just need to enter the address of the website or the name of the company, and, after a few minutes, you will be presented with possible options for contacting them. The team at Buzzstream has also given us some other tools, and they have a free tool package that you can download and use. Email Research tool is one of them and I highly recommend the others, as well.


Grouphigh is a more serious and a more advanced SEO tool. As every blogger should know, SEO is vital for anything you want to do on the Internet. It has a really big database which can be searched for keywords whenever you prefer. The results that come out will help you discern which keywords are preferred, how they stack up on social networks and you can also refine the search with SEO metrics. The only downside is that it costs a bit, but if you decide to outreach a lot, then it will definitely be money well spent, because you will have a lot of vital information right in front of you.


Emailing is very important when it comes to reaching out to your fellow bloggers and I have shown you a tool to help you with finding contact information of a certain blogger or a company. However, what you want to do next is to connect on a more personal level with those bloggers. Rapportive is a very useful tool to do just that. While you are emailing a person, this useful Gmail add-on will gather all the info about the person from various social networks. This will enable you to add them there and follow up on what they are doing. Put in a few well-placed compliments and you will have won them completely.

Follower Wonk

While we are on the subject of getting more personal with fellow bloggers, here is another tool that can greatly help you with that. Follower Wonk utilizes and harnesses the great power of Twitter and enables you to network with people who you have not previously contacted. You just search your niche (for example, ‘design blogger’) and it will put out search results of all the people in the niche who are on TW. It will also rank them according to their influence, number of followers and the amount of time that they have been on Twitter.

Google Drive Spreadsheets

I’m sure that this is not quite a revelation for any of you, but this tool has proven to be of really great use to me. I’ve utilized Excel for keeping tabs on everything I do and have to do, but, since I’ve started working with a team, I’ve realized that not everyone can access the file at all times. So, I’ve created a Google Drive Spreadsheet and, ever since, I have enjoyed all the perks that it offers. It is incredibly easy to share the spreadsheet with your co-workers and it is accessible from almost any place that has an Internet connection. You can also access it via a mobile phone, although Google needs to work on the functionality for portable devices.

So, there you have it, five tools that will help you with greatly with blogger outreach. If you utilize them smartly, to their full extent, you will have no problem with becoming a successful and influential blogger.

Mark Taylor is a full time employee with Melbourne based web development company – Leading Edge Web – as a UX specialist  and digital producer . Working closely with well-known brands and leading Australian companies , he helps define the optimum digital solution for their online presence. Mark also liaises with internal developers and creative teams in managing project scope.

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