What Kind of Writing Clients Do You Need?

No matter what type of freelancer you are, you need certain clients. This is true no matter what you write, if you write for the online or print worlds, or even if you’re writing for a part or full time income. Your freelance career will do best if you get these types of clients:

The One Who Pays on Time All the Time

You’d think this would be every client, wouldn’t you? But some are a little slow with paying. Every client is different. I’ve had clients who were wonderful to work with but every month I needed to give them a nudge about payment. This doesn’t mean that the client didn’t pay at all, it just means that you had to remind them. This takes time away from your writing and also managing your writing business. So you need at least one or two clients who pay you on time all the time.

The One With Regular Work

If you’ve got bills to pay, you need a regular income you can rely on. The problem is, freelance writing doesn’t always allow for regular income. To remedy this, I try and take on clients that can offer me regular work each month. If you can get them to give you a contract for a set amount of work? Even better. This way you won’t have to pitch for more work as often and you’ll also have at least some amount of regular income you can plan on.

The One You Really Enjoy

There’s a lot to be said for enjoying your work. You need a client you can have fun with. This doesn’t mean your work will be fun and games, but instead that it will be fulfilling to your soul.

The One Who Challenges You

Since the freelance world is all about change, you need clients who can continually push you outside your boundaries. Never get complacent with freelancing. Choose a few clients who will get you out of the office, doing more research, or challenging you to write in a different style.

The One Who Can Open Doors for You

I firmly believe that every job leads to the next one. Even the smallest of gigs has helped me get something bigger and better down the line. You need clients that can do this. Choose clients that are either a great publishing credit or can help you apply for more jobs, simply because of your association with them.

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