Five Inspiring Holiday Destinations For Writers

As a writer, discovering a block in creativity is never good, but many find that a change in environment can really kick start their artistic flow. Those that are struggling with their creativity may find that taking a break from everyday routine and holidaying in an inspirational location can help them rediscover their artistic path.

Throughout history, the most famous literary authors have escaped the mundane in search of inspirational experiences. Here are five of the most inspirational holiday locations for writers-

Ramble on the Yorkshire Moors

The setting for many a romantic novel, England’s Yorkshire moors are best known as the roaming place of Emily Brontë’s Cathy and Heathcliffe in the classic gothic novel Wuthering Heights. Renting an English cottage and exploring Yorkshire can make an inspiration break for struggling writers.

Visit Haworth, the hometown of the Brontë family, and step inside the Brontë Parsonage Museum to see where the famous family of novelists grew up and learn what influenced their writing. Pack your walking boots and spend part of your break outdoors, discovering the characteristics of the rugged English moorland that has played background to plenty of classic novels.

Take a Road Trip

Take an extended break, and experience life On the Road like the characters in Jack Kerouac’s critically acclaimed novel. Although it is impossible to replicate the novel’s plot and stay within the law, there are still plenty of ways to be inspired on a road trip in the USA. Visiting famous landmarks and driving from cities to towns can help you discover your own American Dream and write that all-American novel.

Fly into San Francisco and drive inland through Nevada, Arizona and Utah to see the phenomenal canyons that lie in the southern states. Hiking down into the depths of the Grand Canyon is hefty work, but heading to Arizona’s neighbour state Utah can see you easily walking through Bryce Canyon, which hosts equally stunning views.

Relax in the Tuscan Sun

Watching the sun set from a stunning location is always inspirational. Tuscany is famous for many things, from wonderful artworks, delicious food and drink, and as an amazing setting for creativity. For years, artists and writers have travelled to Italy to spend time focusing on their work and soak up the atmosphere, so why not rent a picturesque Tuscan villa and let your ideas flow.

Visitors to the Tuscan region can immerse themselves in Italian culture and spend part of their relaxing break viewing some of the region’s finest artworks in its many historical towns and cities. The cities of Florence and Siena are home to a huge amount of Renaissance artworks that have influenced many modern artists and writers.

Walk through History

Paris has long been the spiritual home for writers and artists alike, with history having seen the brightest, most talented individuals head to the city of romance to spend their days. You just have to watch Woody Allen’s 2011 film Midnight in Paris to see the high density of infamous names that have flocked to Paris throughout the centuries.

With the 1920s seeing downtown Paris become the hub of creativity, and welcoming artists from around the globe that included Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dali and F. Scott Fitzgerald, modern-day visitors can spend their break retracing the footsteps of these famous names that will inspire their masterpieces.

Beth Stubbings works for To Tuscany. As a writer, she is aware of how difficult it can be to overcome writers block. She finds that taking a break from every day life and visiting inspirational locations can really help her recapture her creativity. 

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