How To Improve Your Press Release Writing And Gain More Exposure For Your Clients

Public relations is all about gaining exposure for your client’s business through various relevant media channels. And one of the best ways to do this is by persuading editors to include your press releases within their on and offline publications, thus giving your client a captive audience for their products and services.

However, the success rate of getting your press releases in the best and most appropriate publications will ultimately depend on the strengths of your skills as a writer and so you will need to be continually honing these.

There are many ways in which you can improve your writing and you should soon see your press releases packing more punch; leaving your clients which more much needed publicity.

Think About The Story You’re Telling –

Essentially, writing a press release is tantamount to writing a story and if you remember this every time they are sure to be received better by their audience. Your client and their products/services are the characters and the story line is all about how the latest news to come out of the company is going to affect the general public.

Writing in the same way as you would a story will make your press release more compelling and give it great structure. You want the reader to relate to your client in the same way we do with characters in a book and so it’s important to give them a voice and a personality.

Stand Out At Every Opportunity –

I’m sure you are well aware just how busy these journalists and editors are on a daily basis and I’m sure you are equally conscious of how many other PR pros are trying to get coverage for their own clients. Therefore it’s obvious that you need to be the peacock amongst the chameleons. Most press releases will be written about new products and services that the company are releasing soon, but in order to stand out you should try and vary what you write about.

Think about crafting a piece around something interesting that your client is involved in. Perhaps they partake in a lot charity work or maybe the owner has a quirky hobby that would make a great story. Your imaginative approach will stand out a mile against the mounds of typical press releases on offer.

Choose Your Language Carefully –

It’s easy to think about your press release as a whole, but you also need to consider the type of words that you are using. Generally you will be using a lot of persuasive language but it is important to not be overzealous when it comes to hyping up your client or their product. Hype words stick out a mile to the reader and their reaction to these can be somewhat negative. Overuse of superlatives and other hype words will destroy the piece’s credibility and can even leave the reader to assume the opposite of what you’re saying.

Jargon is also something that needs to be kept to a minimum. Your client may like it if you use technical words that help to put them in a good light but the general public are going to struggle to understand them. Jargon is very common in the technology industry but when doing technology PR it’s important to use language that will be understood by all.

Optimise Your Writing –

Something that is becoming more and more a part of public relations is SEO. It makes perfect sense to adopt the process of optimising your writing so that it can be found easier in the search engines, known as search engine optimisation, into your daily writing and it doesn’t require any drastic changes to what you are already doing. SEO includes placing key search terms within your writing so that these can then be matched up to the phrases that people are using when they Google something. You also need to think about the length of your titles, give any images you use an appropriate alt tag and link to other high authority sites so that it gives your articles more credence.

Chris Mayhew has worked in marketing for 2 years and has learnt how to write effective press releases. He would recommend Eclat Marketing to any technology company looking to gain increased exposure in the media.

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