Are You a Christian Writer?

Calling all Christian writers! I’ve got a new blog that I’ve mentioned here earlier this week called Putting on the New. (Here’s why I called it that.) I started this blog a few months ago and it’s been in soft launch mode up until now. I’m taking off the wrapping paper!


Looking for Women Christian Writers

The blog is about the Christian walk specifically as it relates to women. It’s about real women, our ups and downs, and how we learn and grow with God’s help. While you’re welcome to mention your books or writing in passing, it’s not a promotional site. (If you’re looking to promote your work, I’ve got some options right here for you.)

If you’re interested in writing at Putting on the New, check out the guidelines we have first (pay close attention to the “What Do We Need?” part on the bottom of the page) and then contact me.

Commitments and Bios

Along with each post you’ll have a short bio (like on the bottom of this post, for example), you’ll be listed on the writers page, and you’ll also have an author page (like mine).

I’m looking for a regular commitment since the site is new and I’d like people to get to know you there. So six months or a year would be great. You could post once a week, once a month, once every other month, or whatever schedule might be right for you. (You can schedule ahead, of course.) You should pray on it and decide what works best for you.


Of course, since Putting on the New is one of my blogs, I’ll be promoting your posts, too. I’ll tweet it out, put it on Facebook, and Stumble not just once when it’s published, but going forward. (It’s that blogging thing, I do it so frequently it comes naturally to me.) It’d be great if you could promote it, too, but of course it’s not required. The only thing that is required is your honesty and desire to share some of the things you’ve found in your Walk with the Lord. That’s the purpose of the blog.


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