Do You Write Poetry? Want to Share It?

You might have noticed that every Sunday I share a poem here on Working Writers.

I think poetry is one of those things that is often misunderstood (and I’ve explained why I think that over at my personal blog) so I like to include it every week to give a flavor of some of the work out there. Poetry has been very beneficial for me personally and professionally, and when I hear someone say they don’t like it, I just cringe. I know somewhere, somehow, someone probably acted like a snob about it and they ended up putting off that person on all poetry forever.

It shouldn’t have to be that way.

I came to poetry very young and it’s stayed with me. It has left an impact and taught me about the world. A few years ago, I wrote an autobiography of sorts that was entirely poetry from beginning to end. It means that much to me.

Share Your Poetry Here at Working Writers

I’ve shared mostly classic poems here at the site, but I’ve also thrown in one or two of my own. But I’d like to share yours too.

Do you write poetry? Want to share it here on an upcoming Sunday?

How to Publish Your Poetry Here

Contact me or send me your poem directly (cherie burbach at yahoo dot com – no spaces) along with a short bio I can include. (We want people to follow up with you.) Also, a picture of you would be nice, too.

The poem can be about anything but I reserve the right not to publish it (if it includes offensive material or is entirely inappropriate).

When you send me your poem, I’ll post it and send you a link. All poetry goes up on Sunday.

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