When Your Computer Clunks Out

It always happens when you’re the most busy: the computer goes haywire. I just had this happen and was none too pleased about it. Didn’t I just buy a new computer? It’s been four years. Is that really old?

After getting over the shock of it, I decided to call up a computer dude to see if he could fix it. Turns out I had a “boot” error of some sort and needed to start over. (Translation: I was stuck until I could get a new system.)

Backups Please!

About eight years ago I had a major computer issue that wouldn’t let me start up anything. Back then, my computer dude was able to get things started again and I immediately made provisions to do backups. I bought a backup drive and learned the lesson that you never know what can happen with your system.

This year, I decided to try a new backup drive (which looks like a larger jump drive but with tons more memory) and an online backup system. I want the addition protection of having backups I can access with the click of a mouse or by logging on somewhere.

An Additional Computer

While I work on a desktop most days, I have a laptop that I just couldn’t live without. I take the laptop to the coffee shop, to client meetings, in “coffice” meetups with other writers, and wherever. I sit with it at night while I watch TV and surf and do social networking. I use it all the time. Luckily, I had been working on my latest novel on the laptop and when the desktop clunked out I could just pick up where I had left off with the laptop.

Having a computer as a backup makes sense.

People You Can Call

I’m not a techno-whiz so having someone on my speed dial that is sets my mind at ease. It also helps me from panicking and making bad decisions on new equipment.

Having other writers you can chat with also helps. They can tell you about new services (my friend pointed out the online backup system for me) and also help you stay calm.

Working Ahead

People always ask me why I work so much, and sometimes it’s because I’m working ahead. I had to get in a position where I get stuck, and I never want to tell a client I can’t get something done because I don’t have my computer. I’ve never done this and never want to. Working ahead helps me keep up with deadlines.


Have you ever had oh my gosh my computer went out moment? How did you handle it?


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