What Has Caused The Rise In Freelance Platforms Online

The power of the internet nowadays is pretty impressive. Every aspect of the political, financial and business world is powered by this high speed connection.

It is incredible how quickly the internet has infiltrated our lives; can you remember what it was like 10 years ago? Neither can I. It has been a blurred rise to power and it just seems very natural.Freelancer

The rise of the internet has resulted in an increase in the number of online professionals. Concurrently, this rise has resulted in a further rise in online facilities for these online experts to try and propel themselves to stardom.

This article will highlight three reasons why there has been such a boom of online freelance platforms and why they are so good for budding workers.

Economic Downturn

We are in a period of economic downturn and this has led to an increase in the number of people looking to make some quick cash without the start up cost of a normal business. Freelancing has thus become an incredibly popular stopgap for people in between jobs and those who had previously had their own business.

With the rise in education standards, peoples writing ability for example has improved greatly and thus the competition for freelancing work is high. The thing with freelancing is once you get secure contracts then the money you can make is vast; its just securing the deals that is difficult.

Again this is because of the saturated market; you have really got to show yourself in a unique light.


Many people have turned to freelancing out of boredom, it is a job you can do from home and if you are out of work then it can be the perfect job – if you are any good. The problem comes again with the amount of competition there is in a single sector, I tell you now it’s tough.

Getting noticed really is difficult and the talent you possess has to be pretty special. You can’t really just sit there because you are bored and expect to gain a big writing contract; it just doesn’t work like that anymore. You have to be engaged and engrossed by what it is you write about and if you can do this then with a bit of talent you will go far.

You can’t just expect things to happen; you have to make them happen.

Realized the Potential of It

There however is great potential in the freelance industry and the rise in online platforms has reflected this. Companies such as Enthuse allow budding freelancers to create an online profile from which they can convey their talents and provide pieces of their best work.

It is a simple concept but other rivals to Enthuse make their websites much more difficult to understand for both the freelancer and the employer. Simplicity is key and their focus on expertise is particularly important, they don’t want standard talent, they want the best.

If you are a wannabe freelancer then you have to upload your work to these kinds of websites, but be selective and choose them based upon your specific subject area.

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