3 Free Keyword Research Tools for Content Producers

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When you build a website or start your own blog, always remember that it has to be properly optimized in order to rank well in search engines. Keyword research has been, and will always be a major part of SEO.

Content producers have to understand keywords and know how to target ones that have high potential. If you are new to keyword research, don’t get intimidated because there are plenty of tools that make the whole process much easier and understandable. We will cover 3 tools that can help anyone get excellent keywords and also get as much information about them as possible.



Google Adwords

Google has so many free tools that can helpany webmaster, so naturally they have a keyword tool called Google Keyword planner that is a part of their Adwords program. Even if you don’t use the Adwordsprogram, understanding how to use the keyword planner can really make your life easier. Just like most tools Google offers, it is a simple yet an effective way to get all the basic information you need. From getting the amount of searches the keyword gets per month, to how competitive the keyword is and some of the similar terms to look at, Keyword planner can provide you all these information.

Since Google is the worldwide leader when it comes to search entries, it is safe to say that you can trust their statistic. The harder the competition, the more overall resources you are going to need to spend to be able rank high and get the keyword to bring traffic to your site.


KeywordSpy has many more uses than just typical information on keywords. A big part of keyword research is to research the competition that has already started targeting the keywords, and this tool will give you plenty of information on any competitor you need.  You will be able to type in a domain name to get all the information about which keywords they have targeted, approx amount of money they have spent on each keyword, how many clicks they get a day per keyword, who their main competitors are, ranking positions, and plenty more.


Getting all the information about the competition will give you a much better idea on what it will take for you to make that keyword profitable for yourself. The competitors information will also allow you to see how much of their traffic is organic and how much is from pay per click ads. Once you get all of the information you need, you will be able to export all of it to CSV, Google Spreadsheets, or Excel.

That is all apart from the regular keyword information that you will get, such as local and global searched and other general information. Another thing to keep in mind is they also have a paid version of their tool, which will provide you with even more benefits, but everything I mentioned here is accessible through their free version.


This is another tool that has a free version and a paid version, but has its own unique aspects. When you are doing research on a particular keyword, it won’t just give you the general information and some of the information of the top competitors, but it will also tell you exactly how many other websites in total use that keyword to some degree. This is very helpful because it lets you gauge how many other websites you will have to bypass before being on top.


You will also get related keywords to make the whole search much easier, general information on each keyword, and if you decide to go the paid route, will provide you with almost every detail you could possibly want.

There are other SEO aspects that you have to consider but starting with keyword research is a great strategy. Overall, there are plenty of SEO and Keyword research tools out on the internet, and they are all a little different. Finding the right one for you is the challenge, but these 3 should definitely get you headed in the right direction. Remember, the more time and effort you put into understanding your keywords, the more chance you have at being successful with them.

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