How Readers Communicate With You

One of the things I love about blogging is that readers tell you what they think. This means sometimes they tell you they like what you’re doing and sometimes they tell you the opposite. But getting feedback is important. It’s good to hear from readers of all types, but they don’t always communicate with you the same way.

Through Comments

The most common way blog readers talk back is through comments. They agree with a post (or not) or they offer their own take on things. Comments help because if you’ve missed something on a post their feedback is right there along with your post.

Through Guest Posts

Sometimes the way readers communicate is by adding to your community. They like what you’re doing or feel you’re missing something and decide to offer up a guest post instead. This is a positive way to communicate, because your readers benefit from their opinions, especially if they’re covering something from a perspective you might have missed.

Through Email

On certain blogs, I get way more emails from readers than I do comments. Now, like every blogger I think it’d be great to have the comments, but I understand that certain subjects call up more personal thoughts than others. It’s one thing to comment about your freelance business here, for example, and another to comment publicly about your husband’s affair (on a place like my dating blog) or your friend’s betrayal.

Through Tweeting and Facebook Comments

I get comments often through Twitter or Facebook that I don’t get here. If your readers are commenting in different places, that’s still good. The important thing is that you’re getting communication from the folks you’re writing for, so pay attention when they tell you what’s on their mind.

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