How to Make Your Fashion Blog Stand Out

The purpose of fashion blogs is to showcase fashion elements such as accessories, clothing, and trends in fashion. Fashion blogs also cover what famous celebrities wear and even cover regular fashion trends.

Fashion blogs cover every area of the fashion industry, right from the latest trends off the ramps in Milan to what’s hot on the streets itself. Fashion blogs are of different types. Some of them promote large as well as small companies and brands. Some fashion blogs give tips and advice pertaining to fashion and its industry.

The following tips will show you how you can help your fashion blog stand out and get noticed.

In Vogue- 6 Tips that will Make your Blog Stand Out

1. Keep it Fresh

The fashion industry is always morphing and coming up with new material. Keeping this in mind, every fashion blog must be up- to- date with all the latest trends and fashion news. Talk about street trends, what is hot and happening, the current styles being followed, brands that are in style etc. Keep up with the season’s styles, colour schemes and patterns. Your audience is looking for what is in style and what is not. Write about the must- have items for the present fashion season.

2. New Styles

Writing a fashion blog means two things: one is that you know your stuff, and two, you know how to pull fashion trends off. Share your unique styles with your readers and give them your own personal tips. What to wear with what, which colour goes with which, etc. When your readers understand your passion, they will immediately recognise your fashion sense and will take you more seriously.

3. Shopping, Sales, Bargains and Discounts

Most fashion blogs do talk about affordable fashion and give their readers lists of shops where they can buy fashionable clothes, accessories etc. at a reasonable price. Write about places where they can go and purchase inexpensive items to add to their closet. There are also online bargain stores that you can link to your blog, taking your readers directly to the website itself.

4. Pictures

Even though texts are pretty descriptive, pictures pull the whole blog together, especially if it is a fashion blog. Upload pictures of the latest fashion shows, runways, photo shoots etc. from around the world. Fashion is a very visual art and your readers will need pictures to better understand trends.

5. Writer- Reader Interface

Your readers should be able to freely approach you and ask you questions. Mostly, they will seek fashion advice for themselves. Keep your blog as interactive as possible. Make your audience comfortable with your styles and fashion statements.

6. Promote

Like every blog out there, it is vital for you to promote your fashion blog as well. Use social media websites to reach out to more people. Comment on other blogs and share ideas to gain more attention to your own blog. A good social media approach will put your blog in the limelight.

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  1. Great tips- thank you for sharing these! It’s always too bad when fashion blogs contain tons of words instead of pictures. You need to show your readers what you’re talking about, not just describe it!


  2. Really a wonderful article.


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