How to Keep Your Blog From Getting Boring

Did you ever find a cool writer and follow them to their blog only to find out that it’s boring? So disappointing. How can a writer who knows how to draw you into a story or article leave you wanting when it comes to their blog?

Depending on your attitude, blogs can become boring if your heart isn’t in them. Or if you’re busy. But you need to keep it fresh for your readers and your book sales. Here’s how.

Be You, Not Someone You Think You Should Be

Some writers are filled with fear at the thought of writing on a blog. The fact is, blogging is about moments in time and it’s not always going to be perfect. So let go of that “perfection” goal but it doesn’t exist. Instead, just be you.

People aren’t perfect, but they are interesting and flawed. That’s why we like them. We like when they take us into their world and just show us who they are.

What’s Your Real Blogging Voice?

Blogging is different than other forms of writing in that it is meant to capture your own unique voice. A reader going through your blog should feel as if they are sitting down with you over a cup of coffee. You can be reflective, serious, or funny, but you need to be natural.

I’ve read blogs from people I know that don’t sound like them at all. As a result, I feel disappointed that I’m not getting a sense of their personality. So don’t worry about how you “should” sound on your blog. Don’t try to be funny if you’re really not, and don’t try and copy anyone else. Just be you.

Blog About Your Hobbies

What do you do when you’re not writing? Share that on your blog. Show pictures about the things you do in your free time and talk about the hobbies that interest you.

Your Struggles

No one expects writers to be perfect. In fact, they’re usually better when they’re not. What about your background? Your current struggles? Include some of these in your blog. You don’t need to get too personal if you’re not comfortable with it, but you can share a few things that will make you more relatable to someone else.

The Story Behind the Story, But Make It Interesting

I’ve writers talk about “their process” in such a way as to bore readers to death. Don’t try to make it more complicated than it is, but do share what prompted you to write a story.

Your Guilty Pleasures

Am I the only one that watches Real Housewives? No, I’m not, and when I blog about those types of things, I always get responses. That’s because we all have a few guilty pleasures, and if you can share them your readers will be able to relate to you on a whole different level.

Your Joys

Sharing “your joys” is different than bragging about your life. When you share the things that bring you joy, you’re bringing readers into your world. When you brag, you’re putting them off.

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