Most Successful Tweets for Writers

Twitter is one of the best resources a writer can have. The right Tweets can greatly improve your bottom line. Here are some Tweets you should be doing.
Looking for Info
Twitter is an amazing place to find just about anything. Looking for someone who has experienced a certain medical disorder? Rejection from love? Financial troubles? They’re all on Twitter. Simply put a “looking for info on” message out there with your desired area of interest, and you’ll soon be flooded with responses.

Finding Interview Subjects
Writers often need to get experts in certain areas to interview. Sometimes we need to talk one-on-one for quotes or info on an article, while at other times we need a straight-out interview. Use Twitter to help locate folks you can speak with. If the expert isn’t on Twitter, someone else on the site will surely know where to find them.

Supporting Another Writer
It should be no surprise that Twitter works best when writers support each other. So when you see a fabulous post you love, retweet (RT) it on to your own group of followers. If you see a writer you enjoy, offer up their name for Follow Friday. In other words, spread the love! The upside of this is you create good will with other writers and send your own followers great information.

Writing Related Posts
Who doesn’t want to make more money writing? (Anyone? Didn’t think so.) If you’ve got some great suggestions on how to increase profitability, get more free time, and improve your craft, share your knowledge with Twitterville.

Job Leads
Got a hot job lead to pass on? Pass it on!

Promoting Your Own Writing
Writers love to hear the success stories of other writers. So if you’ve got one to share, don’t be shy. Be gracious but go ahead and brag a little, too.

Inspirational Quotes
Don’t flood the Twitter-market with quotes, but if you have one that means something to you, pass it on. The key is sincerity. Don’t share information to try and get followers, but rather, be yourself so you can attract the right people to you.

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