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It seems that within the SEO and online marketing communities, content marketing is all the rage. For good reason of course, a high end content marketing strategy is certainly one way to ensure outstanding search engine results over the long term and the thousands, tens of thousands (or more!) in revenue which comes from that free advertising.

Of course, not all content marketing is created equal, so here’s a good general guide:

Blogging: When it comes to good SERPS, blogging is among the biggest factors at play, outside of links that is.  Blogging allows companies to create compelling content is exactly the format which Google, Bing and other search engines like the best.  The added bonus of blogging and having a great blog on your site is two fold.  First, you’re able to dramatically increase conversion rates because consumers tend to read the blog on any website.  One small thing to consider, posting on a weekly basis seems to be fine, but I wouldn’t want to spread posts out further than that, otherwise yur blog is likely to look like it has been abandoned. Secondly, a blog allows what is often referred to as page rank sculpting.  Blogs tend to garner links from a variety of sources when done well, so using those links to, in essence funnel page rank to pages which help you sell stuff is incredibly powerful for the long term health of your business.

Video: Vlogging as it has come to be called (and is annoying in my opinion) is becoming more popular by the day. One of the reasons for that is quite simple, younger generations of people enjoy video more than they do text and those young people are making up an increasingly higher percentage of online users.  Here’s one of the problems with using video instead of blogging, search engine’s can’t use the content.  Instead of avoiding video (since it kills it when it comes to conversion rates) I have chosen to use a company that transcribes the video into text, which can then be placed at the bottom of the video for people to read if it is inconvenient for them to listen.  Of course, it also helps search engines credit you for your content.  The transcription services I have found are both surprisingly cheap and effective, charging about $1 per minute of video that needs to be transcribed and getting most, if not all of the words correct.  In my wine clubs niche there is always going to be a need for someone really accustomed to the terminology to look over the transcription, but it’s a great, cheap way to utilize online video in the best possible manner.

Podcasting: I haven’t always been a huge Podcasting fan, although when you need to interview someone who lives some distance away, it makes a ton of sense.  Bill Simmons does a great job on his sports related Podcast at being both recognizable as well as down to earth. I don’t use the medium much because I think wine does better with images and other ways to interact with it.

By Mark Aselstine

Mark Aselstine is the owner of Uncorked Ventures, an online wine club based outside of San Francisco.  Uncorked Ventures focuses on delivering the highest quality wines at the industry, at a fair price.

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