How To Start With Video Production

Kaleidico-LA-video-shoot_23With all video sharing websites gaining more and more popularity, everybody who has a business to promote focused a part of their budget onto video production.

As ranking in search engines becomes harder every day, there’s no wonder smart marketers switched to video. The sooner you start, too, the better for you and for your business. If you don’t know how to start producing your own videos, this article is for you, as it gives you a few ideas, so you can catch up from here and become better than your competitors.

How Video Production Helps Your Business

You can use videos for various areas of your business:

1. Training & Continuous Education

Video courses are much easier to follow and more entertaining than written ones. With video, you can easily engage your audience, make them feel part of the game and help them memorize easier the information you provide. A while ago, producing your own videos at an acceptable quality was quite pricey and few companies actually afforded this luxury. Today you can produce great quality video courses at very low costs, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start thinking seriously about this option. Even a start up or a very small company can make good in-house training videos. Even smartphones allow shooting films in HD, so you don’t need expensive equipment or props.

2. Selling

Video sells, that’s a confirmed fact. Latest stats from Google show a 37% increase in online video watching compared to the previous year. More than 60% of all consumers that make a purchase do it following a digital exposure to the product.

Under these circumstances, you can increase your sales by simply putting together a product demonstration video. This could prove to be a great investment, as it could bring you lots of additional sales. People are more confident in buying something if they see a demo of the product. This is why many TV commercials include a demo part, especially in case of new products or brands.

You can upload your product demo online. If you are creative, it may become viral and bring lots of people to your website, thus increasing the odds of you getting more customers. When you produce your video, remember that people are sold into benefits rather than features of the product. You should emphasize on the benefits for the user and support these benefits with the most appropriate product features.

3. PR and Events

When you organize an event, you can have as many guests as the hall can accommodate. What if you could host millions of people, watching you live at the same time from all over the world? Today you can. All you have to do is set up video conferencing or live video streaming and the entire world will be able to watch and interact with you. As bandwidth costs almost nothing these days, you can benefit from international viewership for very low budgets. It would be a shape to miss such an opportunity to make yourself known to the world. This is a great chance to make your values public and to get people talking about you and your brand. If you were to buy this kind of audience on TV, you would have needed to spend huge budgets.

As a Conclusion…

If by now you already believe video can help your business grow and your brand become more known, a good point to start is to find yourself a good multimedia communication company to bring your ideas to life. You can always do it yourself, if you want, but if you can spare some money, it;s definitely better to go with professionals, because they have the experience of knowing what works and what doesn’t. They can save you a lot of time and money, as they are able to do things right from the very beginning, while you may spend weeks or even months in trial and error processes. Every campaign should start with a plan including your strategy and tactics for achieving the given objectives. Each video should be based on a detailed storyboard, so you can make use of the art of persuasion and get viewers become consumers and eventually loyal fans of your brand. Without a solid marketing knowledge and experience, it’s quite hard to get it right from the first attempt. This is why it makes sense to hire professionals to do it for you. On log therm, this will surely pay off and you’ll be glad you did it.

Don’t imagine video production is an easy job. It surely involves a lot of work, but it pays off extremely well at the end of the day. Besides, it is entertaining and fun and it enables you define your core values and messages better.

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