5 Great Tech Minds to Follow on Twitter

The technology industry is one of the biggest in the world, and there are thousands of great minds from within the industry that use social media as a platform for putting across their opinion as well as for promoting particular products and innovations. 

The problem for you is that you don’t want to follow thousands of people to find a handful of valuable stories or editorials, you only want to pick the best ones and then focus on what they have to say.  With our infographic of Twitter’s top five technology experts, that’s exactly what you can do without any fuss at all.  Don’t waste your time following and unfollowing to find out the best people who are sharing the best information and content, simply get on board with these five experts and never have to look anywhere else to get your tech fix.

Alison enjoys debating financial affairs and is passionate about keeping control of her own financial situation.  She is currently using VPS hosting with JaguarPC to moderate her own financial forum.


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