10 Interesting Facts About Creativity In The Work Place

There are so many advantages to having a creative working environment; meaning it is something that most companies make a conscious effort to create. Finding the perfect balance of employees and giving them the best workspace in which to operate can bring about encouraging results in the bid to make the business as a whole a more successful place to work.

Some companies may get this spot on, but others will struggle to find the best circumstances in which their employees can thrive. With that in mind, here are some interesting facts that could help create an inspiring working environment and one that is rich in creativity.

    1. A mixed group of introverts and extroverts has proven to perform better in collective tasks than a group made up of entirely extroverts. Proving that the importance of those who are less outspoken cannot be underplayed and that the most creative people are often the shyest.
    2. The best time to conduct a brainstorming session is around 11 o’clock. Any earlier and people will still be settling into their day and any later and they will be distracted by the thought of lunch. Conversely you can position the brainstorm for a period that spans lunchtime and include catering for your staff.
    3. Some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world have innovative office spaces that are dedicated to the encouragement of creativity. Brands such as Google, Microsoft and Apple all have special areas they can work in which use things like soft furnishings, childish toys and open spaces to allow people to get in touch with their creative side easier.
    4. Scientists have proven that the perfect precursor to creativity in the workplace is boredom. Carrying out a monotonous task directly before doing something that involves creative thinking can enhance your ability to succeed.
    5. Due to the importance of business creativity, there are courses, like these for example, that you and your staff can take in order to improve the way you approach things. Here you will learn about idea development, how to bring out your creative side more and how to participate better in group tasks.
    6. It’s impossible to expect your staff to work at 100% productivity all of the time. Studies suggest that we are more productive on Mondays and Tuesdays and that we should take advantage of this by using this time to do the most important and creative tasks.
    7. Tiredness, periods of passiveness and distractions have all been proven to have a positive impact on creativity.
    8. The chemical associated with creativity is called dopamine and is released by the brain in large doses when we are at our most relaxed and content. Therefore, the more a business looks after and takes an interest in their employees; the more creative they are likely to be.
    9. Last year the online company ‘Yahoo’ banned its employees from working from home, stating that being in the same space and working together promoted creativity in its most natural form.
    10. Many people believe that it is fear that stops us from unlocking the door to our creativity. Therefore, introducing a ‘no idea is a bad idea’ policy and making staff feel at home in their working environment are key concepts to improving creative thinking.

    There is no doubting the fact that creativity is a vital part of any successful business. It allows companies to stay ahead of their competitors and means that they can continually re-invent themselves if need be. If you feel that your business could do with a little more creative thinking then consider taking advice from the points made above.

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    By Chris Mayhew

    5734Chris Mayhew works within a creative industry and understands that the environment in which we work can have a big impact on how creative we are. He would recommend business creativity courses from Now Go Create to any company wanting to increase their ability to act innovatively.

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