If You Want More Traffic For Your Blog Or Website, Email Marketing Is The Answer

Whether you have a website for an offline business or a blog that reviews products within a specific industry, just about everyone wishes they could get more traffic. However, savvy website and blog owners don’t just want more traffic.

Instead, what they want to increase is targeted traffic. The reason for the distinction is because they realize that not all traffic is equal. A smaller amount of traffic composed of people who are genuinely interested in something is going to be far better than lots of traffic from random sources that’s made up of all kinds of people.

Since there’s a good chance you share the targeted traffic goal, you may be wondering what approach you need to take in order to attract more. As you may already know, there’s no shortage of ways to drive traffic. Content marketing, SEO and social media are just a few popular examples. And although those options can work quite well, there’s one option that stands out above all the rest.

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Learn Why Email Marketing Deserves Your Full Attention

Why is email such a special channel? Well, for one, the Direct Marketing Association found that when done correctly, this form of marketing has an ROI of nearly 4,300%! Not only is it an actionable medium, but it’s also a great way to build an ongoing relationship. In fact, another survey found that 70% of people who receive discounts or coupons by email end up using them at one point.

Enjoy Connections Instead of Struggling for Visibility

If email is so great, why doesn’t it receive nearly as much attention as social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? The simple answer to that question is because email has been around for so long, it’s not nearly as “cool” as social media websites. As a result, tech news sources would rather write about the latest and greatest social trends instead of something that’s tried and true.

But because you’re in business to make money, your focus should be on what drives results instead of what’s considered cool. And when it comes to comparing email marketing and social media, the scale tips far in the direction of email marketing. One reason is because email creates a much more personal connection. Another is both Twitter and Facebook are taking steps to limit the visibility of messages that businesses send out unless they’re willing to pay for more exposure.

Finally, whenever businesses or other organizations analyze the performance of the two mediums, it becomes clear that email marketing is the big winner in terms of driving actual sales. So, since email marketing is definitely the way to go, the question is how do you get started with it?

Build Trust and Provide Value Before Asking for a Sale

You can’t just shoot someone an email out of the blue and expect them to make a purchase. In fact, in order to reach them, they first have to provide their email address. A simple but effective way to collect email addresses is to offer something in return. Whether that’s a PDF guide or special discount, the important thing is it provides real value. 

From there, you still don’t want to dive right into asking for a sale. Instead, you want to gain their trust by delivering valuable content. The importance of building a strong relationship can’t be stressed enough. This will ensure that when the time does come for you to ask your email list to purchase, they will view your offer in a positive light instead of thinking of it as nothing more than spam.

Whether you have a site that promotes your service business or you run a blog that’s monetized with help from BuildYourWidget.com, you’re eventually going to want to ask people to make a purchase. When that time comes, the best thing to do is give people a compelling reason to take action. In most cases, that means some type of discount or special deal. By taking the time to establish a relationship and then providing an incentive for buying, you can maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Although getting started with email marketing may initially seem like a very difficult task, thanks to the existence of platforms like MailChimp, it’s actually not that hard to start building a list. Additionally, you can get started without needing to make any type of monetary investment. And given all the benefits email marketing can provide, there’s no reason not to get started today!

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