Writing Stories of Faith…Mingled With Murder And Mayhem

Really? Christian Fiction and murder/suspense novels? On the surface the two don’t seem to go together. After all, how can a book where murders, mayhem, and bad guys abound promote Christian values?

Can a writer of suspense novels make a difference in a life? Surely not, you say. It might be good entertainment but that’s where it ends. Not so, I say.

Jesus used stories to teach a point—He called them parables.

People love stories. Stories can touch our hearts, stir our imagination, and teach us. Stories allow us to see the truth without the actual experience. Stories give us the opportunity to learn, change, and grow without all the growing pains.

As a writer of Christian fiction, I have two goals with every story I write. The first goal is to create an entertaining story. And the second goal is to further God’s Kingdom in some way. It may be as simple as portraying Christian characters in a positive light to an all-out salvation scene. It varies from book to book depending on where the story leads.

My latest release, BETRAYED, is the second in my Sisters By Choice series. In DECEPTION (the first in the series), there is a terrorist. I kept wondering what kind of woman could be married to a terrorist and not know it.

BETRAYED is the answer.

It’s not a secret so I can tell you, my main character—Maria and her daughter—are in the witness protection program because Maria was betrayed by her husband in the most horrible of ways. (you’ll have to read the story to find out the details!)

Beauty for ashes! This phrase comes up several times in BETRAYED. In fact, I would even go out on a limb and say it’s one of the themes of the story.

Betrayals hurt! I know—I’ve lived through a few and I’d venture to say most of us have. As the story progresses, Maria learns several spiritual lessons about betrayal, trust, and honoring God. My readers can learn from Maria’s experiences and make their own journey out of their own pain and bitterness of betrayal a bit easier.

That’s what a parable can do for those that choose to learn the lesson of the story.

Of course, that’s real life!

In fiction, it always gets worse before it gets better!  At least that’s my motto in the stories I write. In BETRAYED, Maria has many more obstacles to face as she struggles to put her life back together—especially when her dead husband calls her from the grave!

Lillian Duncan…Stories of faith mingled… with murder & mayhem.

Lillian is a multi-published writer who writes the type of books she loves to read—suspense with a touch of romance. Whether as an educator, a writer, or a speech pathologist, she believes in the power of words to transform lives, especially God’s Word.

To learn more about Lillian and her books, visit: www.lillianduncan.net.  She also has a devotional blog at: www.PowerUpWithGod.com  as well as her personal blog, Tiaras & Tennis Shoes at www.lillian-duncan.com

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