Are You Making These Eight SEO Mistakes?

If you want your website to get noticed, then it’s important to pay particular attention to your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. No matter how great your site looks, if you are making unforgiveable SEO mistakes, then your site might not get the ranking respect it deserves. Here are some common mistakes to avoid and how to fix them.

Not managing title tags

Title tags can affect your SEO ranking, so treat them with care. Make sure that you employ unique title tags, explaining what each page of your site is about in a meaningful way. Include your keyword in the title tag and don’t use ones that are too long. Keep it to about 65 characters. Don’t duplicate title tags on every page.

404 errors

Make sure that you don’t have any links to pages that no longer exist – otherwise users will get what is known as 404 errors appear on a page. If you make any changes to your site or remove links, then make sure that links are fixed so that they correctly point to the updated page. Broken links can result in downgrading of your site’s ranking.

Duplicate content

If you have the same content appearing in more than one webpage, search engines may struggle to fathom which to index, possibly resulting in not showing on search engine results. One of the most common duplicate content mistakes appears with the home page.

Duplicate URL

SEO mistakes are often made with websites that have duplicate URLs. For instance, there may be differences in upper or lower case spellings of text. This confuses search engines and may affect your rankings.

Not managing meta descriptions

The meta description is a brief explanation about each page. It should be readable with keywords being as near to the beginning as possible. Using the same descriptions for each page can affect your SEO ranking, so make them unique. Long descriptions should also be avoided.

Poor content

No matter how great your website looks or how much effort you put into your SEO strategy, if your site has flaky content, it won’t draw lasting attention to it. Make sure you give your visitors something to come back for.

SEO expectations

SEO is forever changing, so making assumptions and expectations about its use can affect the success of visitor traffic to your website. Easy tactics to exploit algorithm loopholes are a thing of the past, so keeping up to date with SEO trends will give you a chance to stay ahead of the game. For instance, increasingly, long-tail keywords are generating more conversion rates than short-tail ones. Don’t just look at SEO success in terms of ranking, either. Consider factors such as traffic, length of visit, bounce rate and volume of sales or enquiries.

Lack of social sharing buttons

A great website and SEO strategy won’t have such a strong impact if you don’t attribute social sharing buttons to your website – these are a fantastic way for others to share just how much they like you!

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