Great Ways To Become More Of A Creative Thinker

Many people may think that you are either born creative or practical, and that creative thinking can never be learnt. However they would be far from the truth, and, as this guide will show you, there are many steps you can take to awaken the creative soul within you.

Learn from others

How do other people think and solve problems? Look at the colleagues or friends around you, do they approach things differently? Looking at problems from a different angle can boost your creativity no end.

Become an expert

Whichever area you want to become more creative in, you should always build upon your knowledge. Use a wide range of resources that approach the area from different angles.

Be positive and adventurous

Ensure that you’re not blocking your creativity with negative emotions, this can stop you from trying new things that are essential to opening up your line of thinking.


Brainstorms are great for getting your mind flowing freely. Do not restrict yourself and write down anything and everything that comes to mind, no matter how silly your ideas at first seem.

Try out a few hats!

The six hats thinking method is great for approaching things from different angles; try these hats out for size:

  • Red Hat: Approach the problem through emotions. What are your feelings telling you?
  • White Hat: Approach the problem objectively. What do you know to be the facts?
  • Yellow Hat: Approach the problem positively. What do you know will work?
  • Black Hat: Approach the problem negatively. What do you know, for sure, won’t work?
  • Green Hat: Approach the problem creatively. What are some different ideas?
  • Blue Hat: Approach the problem broadly. What would be the best overall solution?

Invoke lucid dreams

There is no place where people are more creative than in their dreams; this is the reason why many a creative soul (such as a writer or artist) will attempt to learn how to invoke lucid dreams, where they are able to control everything within their temporary reality.

During lucid dreaming, or indeed any type of dreaming, you are free from the bounds of physical reality, and your sub conscious can be unleashed to run wild.

There are steps you can take to invoke a lucid dream, and here they are…

– Constantly ask yourself ‘am I awake?’

This will make you more aware of when you are dreaming, and will tell your brain that you can take control.

– Wake up early… and take a nap!

Set your alarm half an hour earlier, stay awake for 20 minutes and then go back to sleep; this time between full conscious and being asleep may blur the lines between reality and invoke a lucid dream.

– Keep a dream diary

Be sure to keep a dream diary, and once you’ve written down your latest dream, go back to sleep and try and remember where you were when you left your dream.

There may be many reasons why you may wish to awaken the creative person within, and, luckily for you, the tips above you should get you well on your way. Our main advice however is, as with many things in life, that perseverance is key. So stick at it, and one day you could be the next Vincent Van Gough or William Shakespeare.

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By Cormac Reynolds

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