You Should Drop The Idea Of Blogging If You Don’t Focus On These 5 Things In 2014

Blogging has become a popular pastime that people all around the world enjoy participating in. For many people blogging is also a career, as it is enjoyable and allows the writer to create amazing pieces of news stories or other topics close to their heart.

Best of all, the blogger can include his or her own thoughts and opinions on the matter. This is something that most other types of writing do not offer. However, if you plan to become a blogger, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. While designed to be fun and interesting, there’s also a lot to consider if you want to be successful at what you do.

Here are 5 of those things that you should focus on when you’re starting your blog. With your attention in the right place you can certainly find the amazing and well-loved blog that you’re hoping for.

1. Concentrate on more than Building

Yes, it is important to get a lot of people to notice your blog and to subscribe to your posts. But what’s more important is that those people stay with you, reading and enjoying what you’re saying. This is not difficult but it does require your commitment and the regular posting of quality and worthwhile information. When you give the readers what they want they will remain true and your blog can grow.

2. Integrate Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all the rage right now, and there are millions of people with accounts in each of those networks as we speak. Men and women, girls and boys 13 and older use these sites where you can easily reach out and get your blog known to them all in one spot. This means there’s millions of people that could potentially like your blog. If you’re not using social networking sites then you’re really missing out. In addition to people who will read your blog you also get the chance to have help promoting your blogs and the word with these sites.

3. SEO

SEO has changed the game of writing and every day brings new changes to the algorithm used to rank you site, thus affecting its visibility within search engines as well as its credibility. You need to ensure that your blogs are SEO friendly to enhance the amount of traffic saw on your blog. While we won’t go into full detail of SEO blogging here due to the rapid changes, there is plentiful information that will point you in the right direction of current SEO standards and regulations.

4. Reader Participation

Your blog should encourage reader participation. Feeling personally connected to your blog will ensure more readers are standing behind you now and for a long time to come. You can really get a great conversation going when you have readers who are actively posting and commenting on what you’ve written, and this makes your blog so much more fun and entertaining so more people will come. There are many ways to gain more reader participation. Ask a question regarding the subject matter you’ve just covered, like what they would have done in a similar situation or what they think.

5. Promotions

One of the first things to focus on when blogging on our list was to concentrate more on keeping readers than getting them, is it is only fair that we end by saying that you also need to focus on gaining readership, but it shouldn’t be your sole task. Of course it takes readers to make your blog the successful piece that you’re hoping for it to be, and the only way to get people to read is to tell them you’re around. In addition to social media and SEO there are tons and tons of ways to promote, so use them all and get results.

If you concentrate of the 5 above mentioned things when you’re blogging you can be sure that you’re going to love what you’re doing just as much as the people love to read it! Making minor changes and adjustments will help you to become the best blogger that you can be.

This article is contributed by Priya N who is blogging at Jobs8Home. She writes about blogging & make money tips on her blog. You can follow Priya on G+.

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