5 Awesome Tips To Get More Blog Traffic

Blogs have turned out to be among the most enticing and best platforms upon which online businessses can sell their products and services. While blogs are extremely easy to start, it is maintaining them and keeping readers interested that is really hard.

Boosting blog traffic is a widespread problem that many bloggers have. Fortunately, there are many proven ways and strategies that bloggers can use to boost traffic. Below are five of them.

1. Add images in your posts.
You can increase your blog CTR by adding images and videos in your posts. Posting articles that include relevant images or videos, or both, is one way to enhance the effectiveness of your text content. According to studies by 3M Corporation and Zabisco, 90% of information directed to the brain is visual and these visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster compared with text. People typically link back to a website that produces original visual content on a regular basis, especially if it provides relevant and useful information. Plus, according to an infographic published by CustomerMagnetism.com, websites that feature infographics increase traffic 12% faster than those that do not have infographics. Additionally, high quality infographics are 30 times more likely to get readers’ attention than text blog posts and articles.

2. Create tutorials.
Tutorials are great for your blog and can obtain a higher click-through rate compared with other content. People have a penchant to learn and when they are able to do it in ways that require less effort and saves time, they are bound to return for more. Plus, they are also keen on storing and sharing helpful information. Blogs posts that provide tutorials and useful information are easily shared among friends, families and their networks.

3. Create a referral program
You can use a referral program to increase traffic to your blog or website. Get a referral marketing software and use it to create a team of marketers who can help you promote your blog and website. These marketers and bloggers will get a commission for all the traffic they send to your website.

4. Share your blog posts on social networking sites.
If you have followers in all major social platforms, you can market your blog in the social networks. Your followers typically expect you to share your links and if you share something good, they usually like and share the posts. This is good for your business because you will get in a new market and also it will affect your rankings in a positive way.

5. Post about trending topics.
One very underutilized method of increasing traffic is to incorporate trending events and topics into blog posts. At Pinterest, posts that feature trending topics obtain a 94% increase in click-through rates, Pinerly data reveals. The trick is to relate current events to your products, services, and content. When creating blog posts, discuss a recent event that has a relation to your business offering. This usually leads to discussions among your community. Doing this will require you to monitor trends in your industry, choose the hot topics, and give well-thought out blog posts about what everyone is talking about.

Following these five steps is vital to enhancing the flow of traffic to your blog. And with increased traffic comes more prospective buyers, who eventually will turn into buying customers once they see that your website provides what they are looking for in addition to giving them useful information they can use.

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Emma Ursula is an online marketer from Orlando who enjoys blogging in her spare time. She has recently been writing tips for growing ecommerce companies.

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