There Is More To Digital Marketing Than SEO, But What?

There Is More To Digital Marketing Than SEO, But What?

I often get people coming to me asking about SEO and how I can help. My first question is always about digging deep and finding out what the potential client might be doing. The last thing any company wants to do is put all their eggs in the SEO basket. No matter how good the SEO consultant there is still risk and as a business you need to reduce that by having a digital marketing strategy. But what else is involved? Well I plan to tell you my top 7 things, excluding SEO, and I have also embedded a video to show you some digital marketing consultants to avoid, as these guys will lead you down the wrong path.

My 7 Top Digital Marketing Focuses

  1. Content strategy. Many people think you can produce content and just throw it out to the World Wide Web! It is not that easy and without structure and a target audience it will be lost effort.
  2. Paid advertising. This normally results in pay per click adverts in search engines and PLA adverts (product listing adverts). This reduces the risk as they will not just drop off a cliff because Google decides to change its mind. It is solid, reliable traffic. When looking at this do not just think Google, also check out Bing
  3. Social Media. This adds to your user touch points and helps keep you in their mind. By using social media you can give yourself several platforms to spread your reach and audience.
  4. Check out optimisation. Have you analysed your check out processes? Do they flow? Do you have crammed pages, excessive questions or functionality that is temperamental? If you are guessing at the answers then you need to start capturing the data and analysing it.
  5. Onsite Search. Many people underestimate the value of onsite search. Does it give the correct products in the correct order for the correct search phrase? If you have not looked then get tracking that data and check it out. It could transform your website. Also look at semi predictive searching to help steer the users to enter the phrases you have optimised for. People look for search as a standard as we all use it so much, think about how many people have Google as their home page!
  6. Conversion Rate Optimisation. This collides with some of the above points but is more high level. Find out what your users are doing on your website across the board (horizontally as well as vertically). If you find that pages do not work or functionality is flawed on certain devices you can massively improve your sales without increasing traffic. I have seen examples of websites reducing traffic and increasing sales using good CRO (conversion rate optimisation). Good tools to help with this are things like
  7. Email marketing. Last but not least. This can help pull the above points together by helping drive users back to the site as well as getting a message back to your audience. Keep in regular contact so you are in the customers mind when they are ready to purchase.

How Do These Points Impact SEO

Then there is SEO and the benefits to that. What you will find is most of the above points will aid your SEO and help make push it forward. Those social signals, great content and a useable site are all things Google looks for in a website it wants to rank highly. But what everyone has to do is realise that there is risk to search engine optimisation as it is not guaranteed (no matter how much some companies try to tell you otherwise). So have a balanced ship and sail safe and by doing so you end up with a multi channel approach to driving traffic to your website. If you need some great information check out this page It breaks down some of the elements in easy to follow ways.

Some Last Thoughts

Make sure you think about the steps and what you are doing. Like any marketing it is easy to get lost and waste resource and cash trying to reach new customers. Focus and prioritise.

Author Joan Scully. SEO Guru and digital marketing expert. I love all things online and always have. I can spend days reading marketing blogs and love to get involved.

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