How to Choose an SEO Company?

We don’t all have the time for making our websites search engine friendly, and this is why people employ SEO companies. They come in and do all the SEO work for you. The great thing is that if you give them your details, then you do not even have to see them in person. Although, if you are smart you should seriously consider hiring a company that you can actually visit. Even the best-looking websites for SEO companies may be being run by a 13yr old Taiwanese boy. Here are a few tips to help you pick your SEO Company.

Make sure that you are buying results and not work/hours/efforts

This is the quickest way to be conned. You will end up being billed for hundreds of hours of SEO company work, which has produced shaky results, whereupon you are paying for them “having a go” and not actually producing any real results.

People who are no good at SEO are very good at talking the talk. They will have hundreds of excuses for why their efforts have produced very few results. They will probably show you metric data on how well they have done, and yet you are still nowhere near page one on the Google search engine results.

Try to visit them or at least talk on the phone

You need to find out if they are a real company, or if they are a simply a team of people who think they know best, but whom are actually fools with a good website. If you talk to them over the phone and ask a few details then you can judge them a little. You can ask a few questions and allow your instincts to voice their concerns.

Research into their real location and their phone number

Again, it is better to do business with a real company and doing research into their location and phone number is a good tool to help you avoid being conned. Is there location a real place? When you go to street maps with Google, can you see their building and their signs? Does their phone number route through to a call center or redirect before you reach a real person?

If they only offer an email address or contact form then give them a miss

If they do not actually have office hours, a building, a base, an office, and a phone number then you should give them a miss. You should also be very wary if they only give a P.O. (post box) number and not a real office location.

Look at who owns their website with

If you cannot find the name and address of the website owner then it means that they have hidden their identity with an evil program called “HideMyAss”, and it is a big warning sign that you cannot trust this company.

Another little factor to consider is that if the site is supposed to be run by a person in one country, then why is the website registered in the name of a person with a foreign address? There are one or two good reasons why this may happen, and there are one or two bad reasons why this may happen. Do not abandon any chance of using an SEO company because of this, but stay alert for the fact that they may not be who they say they are.

Ask them to explain why they do what they do and check it for accuracy

They should be able to explain what they plan to do for you, and they should be able to explain why they do what they do. If they are great at selling the SEO ideas to you, but are not experts at telling you why you should do it, then they are probably not a very good company.

Do not take the word of one company over another

The SEO companies are like a pack of wolves. The charlatans will tell you that their competition does not know anything about SEO and that they are all the horrid nasty things under the sun. And, the legitimate businesses will say the exact same thing about their competitors.

Learn a little bit about SEO yourself

Keywords are the words that people write into the search engines when they search for something on Google/Bing/Yahoo. So for example, if a person types “where to buy cheese in France”, the words “Where”, “Buy” and “France” are the keywords. A website tries to “Optimize” for certain keywords so that their website comes up when people type those keywords into a search engine.

As you can imagine, words such as “estate agent” have lots of websites optimized for them, so there is lots of competition. Whereas keywords such as “Rubber Lettuce” will probably have very few websites optimized for it, so there is very little competition.

Some SEO companies will try to trick you and will optimize for very rare keywords such as “Rubber lettuce,” so that you appear on the first page of Google. But, being on the first page for such rare keywords is pointless because nobody is ever going to type those keywords into a search engine. Your website needs to be optimized for keywords that your potential customers are going to type in, and there is a large chance that those keywords will have a lot of competition.

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