What Irritates You About Facebook?

Facebook has just turned ten, but more users are becoming increasingly irritated by the site every day and it doesn’t look like they’ll stick around to see another birthday.

There are a number of reasons why facebook is losing favour with some of its audience, and one of the big reasons is because of you – the user. Many of us have accepted not just close friends, but also acquaintances, and quite often complete strangers into our closed facebook community – and lived to regret it. Our newsfeeds have become clogged with annoying status updates from annoying people and we’re not liking it. There are certain user types that have formed, and some offer more irritation that others. We will all recognise the baby bores, who do nothing but tell us about their little darlings and what they have done today; or the boasting traveller, who we never see anymore, but tells us every day what a marvellous time they are having in some exotic location. Worst of all, we can’t bear the person who updates their status all the time. We see their name appear again and again in our newsfeed and it drives us potty.

Of course, leaving facebook is a little bit drastic when we could just block the offenders!

This infographic shows the top ten most irritating user types as voted for by facebook users, according to a recent survey by www.LoveMyVouchers.co.uk.


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