Top Laptops for Writers

While the image of sitting hunched over a Helvetica typewriter and tossing crumpled pages at wastebaskets with frustration is considered classic, writers love themselves some laptops.

The ease it brings to the process is unbelievable to anyone that’s ever had to use white-out. Of course today’s generation of writers have no idea what that life was like. They’ve always been able to take a keyboard wherever they go, run spell checks and make edits in the blink of an eye.

Still, not every laptop does the job. Some could be too heavy for carrying around or too slow for holding all the files you need. Maybe the screen is too small or the keyboard difficult to navigate. Finding the right one can be a task. Here are a few solid laptop choices for writers.

  • Ultraportables
    The greatest convenience of the laptop has always been the ability for a writer to hone their craft wherever they chose. At the park, the Internet café, the library and even sitting on a train, we happily dragged our laptop with us. Even when it weighed half a ton and the battery only lasted about an hour. Today, there are light and thin laptops that can be carried everywhere. The HP Pavilion series is excellent, particularly the dm1. It has a great display, a good battery life and performs better than a netbook.
  • Ultrabooks
    Microsoft entered the world of slim laptops with Ultrabooks. What really stands out with a lot of these models is the battery life. The Toshiba Portege z835 has up to nine hours while the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s boasts eight. The Samsung Series 9 comes with a Core i3 processor in 64 GB or 128 GB SSD, making multitasking a snap. Sturdy and light, the keyboard is decent and, unlike a lot of laptops, the touchpad does not cause a lot of problems with accidental brushing. Unfortunately, it does not come with many ports.
  • MacBook

    There are writers that swear by the Mac and won’t use anything else. The MacBook Pro has one of the better keyboards with its flat, spaced out face. The 15 inch screen is great for writing and editing and handles multitasks well. The MacBook Air is the most portable of all the Apple options. It’s an affordable unit considering a good Mac tends to be on the higher end of pricing. In some cases, these units are powerful enough to be a writer’s primary computer.

Laptops, like the art of writing, tend to be liberating. They allow and embrace a freedom that one can’t get with a stationary computer. And if there is anything a writer can appreciate it is mobility. Being able to write where the muse strikes, whether that’s at Starbucks, the beach or a local bistro, with its sleek sophistication the laptop has reinvigorated the sexy idea of writing on a whim.

But at least now we don’t have to drag a 20 pound typewriter wherever we go and wait for a solid desk or table to place it on.

This article was written by Aubrey Phelps, a writer for She loves tech humor and reading.

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6 Comments on "Top Laptops for Writers"

  1. I recently bought a Chromebook – an Acer 720 – and it’s a fantastic little device. I use Google Docs for all my work-in-progress, and a Chromebook is designed just for that. It’s quick, simple and focussed (so less chance of getting distracted)… Definitely one to consider…


    Cherie Reply:

    I’ll have to look at those. Thanks.


  2. I am an aspiring freelancer and has been spending almost half of the day reading through articles on what can be the best laptop for me. It seems that Lenovo was part of the shortlist. If only Thinkpad series can be a little cheaper. And for now I prefer Ideapad over others. Thanks for the tips and feedbacks.


  3. With Mac one must be seen working at Starbucks . I prefer not to be seen, and like the Chromebook.


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  5. I have a Dell Inspiron and it is terrible. Whether typing in Word itself or on a thumb drive, the cursor jumps all over the place. Plus I lose the stuff I’m typing and cannot get it back. Also I am unable to set it up so that I can print off several pages for review – it just will not let me do it. I have no idea where to take it to have it looked at or how I can fix the problem. I need something where I can just concentrate on my novel and not the mechanics of the machine.


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