Most Anticipated Mysteries And Thrillers For 2014

As 2013 wrapped up, a number of mysteries and thrillers were reported to be in the works. Their release would be in 2014 and there are many reasons avid readers are waiting for them. Here are a number whose release might be just weeks or months away.

Michael Connelly’s The Gods Of Guilt  

51B72yTFF3L._SL110_Gods of Guilt is a book that builds up courtroom suspense as a defense lawyer is haunted by a past case. Mickey Haller has a murder case before him depicting a former prostitute and past client whom he had tried to straighten out. However, she had gone back to her past life and in trying to save her, Haller could have put her life in danger. The story builds up as Haller has to work hard and put his skill on trial on a murder case that could either show the defense lawyer was ultimately guilty or give him the ultimate redemption he desperately desires.

Concealed In Death By J.D. Robb


This is a journey into the evil that a human heart conceals as Lieutenant Eve Dallas is summoned by his husband into an apparent murder scene he has discovered after the demolition of a wall. By the time Eve is through with the crime scene, two skeletons have increased to twelve murders that must be solved. The house was a troubled teenagers’ makeshift shelter in the past within the 2040s. The Lieutenant begins tracking the people who owned and ran it. The forensic anthropologists reconstruct the faces showing young girls from different families all with a story to tell. She discovers some connection between the murdered girls and a person she knows and the revelation will be as shocking and dark as the human heart behind the crimes.

 The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches By Alan Bradley


Flavia de Luce is an aspiring detective and chemist at only 11 years of age. In 1951, she is at the railway station with his family waiting for Harriet, her mother who had disappeared. As the train arrives in Bishop’s Lacey, an English village, a tall stranger approaches the young girl, whispering a cryptic communication to her before he is killed moments later. Someone pushed him below the train from the crowd.  After returning to the crumbling estate of de Luces at Buckshaw, the young woman puts all her wits to the test. She must know who the man was, the meaning of his words was and whether they were for her. She finds a reel of film as the clues increase unraveling some of the most intense secrets involving her clan, de Luce, and Winston Churchill is also involved. She must get the killer.

Fear Nothing By Lisa Gardner

51Y8pIqsMkL._SL110_A serial killer on the loose and a detective who has suffered an accident and unable to neither load or use a gun nor remember what happened to her before she became almost incapacitated. A dead infamous serial killer and her murdering daughter in prison are embroiled in a thrilling journey of discovery as it is revealed the Rose Killer is not just after lone women, but the female detective as well and she must take him down without fear.

These are just a few of the hundreds of thrillers and mysteries already anticipated in 2014 and reviewed heavily online by interested readers.

This article is written by Sam, who is an avid book reader and loves to review books of all genres. He occasionally logs on to website to buy books.

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  1. Thanks, Sam. It looks like there are a number of really good thrillers that we can look forward to reading.


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