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So many people talk about money and blogging, but really, how much can you make?  And what do you have to do to get to that point? 

I’ve been a professional blogger for nine years, but most of my income has always come from freelance writing clients. I do make money from my own blogs but like everyone I’d like to make more. In fact, I have a goal to be self-sufficient one day, with the majority of my own income from sources I “control” (my own blogs and indie books) and the rest coming from sources “out of my control” like clients and traditional publishers.

I know that it’s possible to make a genuine living blogging. I’ve seen it with the people in my freelance and social circles. When I interviewed Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen a few years ago she shared that she made $150 a day from her six Quips and Tips blogs. I’ve worked with Gayla Baer who has sold several blogs, one for six-figures. I know several bloggers who make anywhere from mere pennies on their blogs all the way up to six figures a year.

Big things can happen. Here’s some info on the top earning bloggers I’ve found.


Last year The Richest listed ten top earning bloggers which ranged from Slash Gear’s Ewdison Then (who made $60-80,000 per month) to TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington (who made $500-800,000 a month!). Many on this list were techie companies, but a few were about news (Gothamist) or tips for better living. Solving a problem for people will always get you pageviews.

This list of 50 top earning blogs is interesting because it highlights their main source of income (pay per click ads, membership revenue, banners, etc.). It contains several networks (which aren’t the same as comparing to individual bloggers) and shares their daily income. For instance, The Huffington Post has a daily income of almost $30,000.

Fashion bloggers can make good money as well, but I find that many of these blogs showcase clothes, have the right model’s type body to display clothes well, and are really involved in the fashion scene. They are always exceptions, of course, which makes blogging such an attraction thing for everyone. If you have ambition and a dream, you can make your own little blogging empire. Eonline recently shared that fashion bloggers Aimee Song, Leandrea Medine, and Bryanboy earn over a million a year.

Real Writing Jobs

A few years ago Amy Lynn Andrews (from Blogging With Amy) asked real bloggers what they made, and this is helpful because it puts all the “top blogger” figures in perspective. Paula from Beauty Through Imperfection did the same thing. I found post of these posts very interesting.

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