Covers I Love: January 2015

I think a cover really helps sell a book and there are some that just stand out to me. These are some I’ve found this month that really caught my eye. It doesn’t mean that these were released this month, just that I happened to see them now. Do you have a book cover that caught your eye? Share it with us.

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Since so many of us are buying premade covers now, this one stood out for me, and it’s important to note. If it caught my eye, it will catch your average reader’s eye. I liked the free-form look of this and it gives me a feel about what the book might be like.


This book cover screams fun and silly to me, and since it’s a cozy mystery involving the mob, I think it has achieved its goal. It also sets up the series very well with graphic interest and branding for the title and author name. Check out the next book in this series, Lacey Luzzi: Sparkled: A humorous cozy mystery! (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries Book 2).


Today the trend (among Indies that I’ve seen) is to add big, bold titles and cram a blurb and author info on the front, but this cover does it all without it seeming cramped. The red words stand out against the background nicely and reflect the subject matter of the book.


With over 7,000 reviews, Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail remains extremely popular. Being an Oprah Book Club pick didn’t hurt, but what brought my attention to this work was quite simply, the cover.


Celeb books always catch attention, but I thought this one by Amy Poehler really stood out. The colors, her pose, and that neon sign make you wonder what exactly is in this book, and that’s the point.


I thought that this was a clever way to illustrate the subject of frugality. It has a simple but elegant vibe, which implies that saving money doesn’t have to hurt. The muted colors also stand out from the other more jazzed up covers.


The colors and subject matter perfectly offer a vibe of what this book is like to experience. I envision myself with a cup of tea enjoying this one on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


I’ve only first now discovered this very popular series of books, but what first drew me to them was this particular cover. It tells you the time frame the book is set in and as you look closer you notice it’s set in London and features Sherlock Holmes. The bonus is the girl peaking in, face turned away from you. It makes you want to pick up the work and read more.






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