The Lamest Thing One of My Favorite Bloggers Ever Did

If you have a good following on your blog, be thankful for it! I’m very thankful for each of you. I like how you each give your feedback, share posts, and keep giving me great ideas for new content.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite bloggers. I was excited to meet her, she had great content on her blog, and I liked her personality (or at least the one I thought she had from her posts) so I enthusiastically told her I read her blog often and enjoyed it. And then she did something that was completely lame, and very disappointing.


She immediately launched into, “Did you see this recent post? And this?” I said I wasn’t familiar with those particular posts and she practically accused me of not reading every inch of her site. “What,” she huffed, “if you read my blog, you should know this!” Then she leaned over to someone else at the table and told them, “Real readers of our blog know about XXX.”

What a tool.

Now, of course, I don’t feel the warm fuzzies about her blog anymore like I used to, simply because she was so ungracious about things.

Fans of your blog are no different than fans of anything else. They like your blog for their own reasons, so give them that. Don’t accuse them of “not being a reader of your blog” simply because they aren’t a “superfan.”

You know every inch of your blog, but your readers know certain parts. They may get there because they read it daily, get there through a search, or only when someone posts a page from Facebook. They may enjoy your blog, but still not read every inch. This doesn’t mean they aren’t fans.

After her lament about how I didn’t know every single inch of her blog, she then handed me a bookmark (like who does that anymore?) and told me to check out her new book. The bookmark went right in the garbage, and as for her book, well…. I didn’t check it out. In fact, I haven’t been back to her blog and she certainly isn’t welcome here. I like to promote authors and create a support system for writers. She might not care that I’m “over” her blog and writing now (just because I can’t quite get her awful personality out of my head) but turning off a reader today is bad for any writer or blogger.

What to Say to a Fan

If you ever meet a fan, I think it’s best to thank them for reading your blog. Your blog is just another piece of bandwidth without readers. So be sure to genuinely let a fan know you appreciate them. Then, ask them about themselves. Are they a writer? Can you help them at all? Give them a shout out on social media, for example?

Ask if they want to appear on your blog. If they’re a fan, maybe they have a desire to do a guest post or interview.

Ask what you can do to improve your blog for them. One of my readers years ago told me he loved the blog but hated the layout. He said he couldn’t find anything. (This was eons ago when I was still playing with different blog templates). I went home and looked at the blog and decide he was right. I immediately switched it out to something more user friendly. One way to improve your blog is to get feedback from your readers. When you’ve got one right in front of you, get their thoughts on how you can make things better.

Mostly, I think, this woman’s ungracious attitude left a lasting impression on me. I hope I never act that way if I meet any of you face to face. And again, thanks for reading this space!

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