What Can Writers Learn From the Unfinished Business Stock Photo Promo?

Stock photos. We love them. Right? We need them. They help us illustrate things on our books and blogs. But then, they can also be a bit cheesy. That’s why I think the promo for the movie Unfinished Business, that shows Vince Vaughn and his costars in the same poses and settings as those stock photos, absolutely hilarious! Adweek has some more info (and shows all the pictures) but you can download four of them right from iStock/Getty this week for editorial purposes.

Since this promo has received so much attention, I can’t help thinking of how writers can learn a marketing lesson from this. Can the writer of a business or humor book do something similar? Or could writers create artwork or a meme that could be passed along to help promote their book? Promotions like this are golden opportunities to learn because the basic principles of marketing (and what gets people’s attention) remains universal.

Business fulfills each and every one of them

Nothing left to chance - Business Strategy

Business team enjoying victory

Successful applauding executives sitting at the table

©iStock.com/Dan Trunkman and the team from Apex Select. See Unfinished Business in theaters starting on March 6, 2015.

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1 Comment on "What Can Writers Learn From the Unfinished Business Stock Photo Promo?"

  1. I definitely think this is clever, though at first I had no clue what it was about and was just confused. I do think authors can, and should, do marketing collateral for their books. I’m exploring the idea of wallpapers with quotes from my books, and I’m getting ready to do trailers for two of my nonfiction books.


    Cherie Reply:

    That’s good feedback, Angie. Good luck with your book and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help promote it.


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